Why Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada 1 ?

Why Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada?

Indian students boycott Canada

Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada

  • In the second half of 2023, there has been a 40% decline in Indian students’ Canada study visa application.
  • Existing students are also unhappy and have been protesting for the past 10-11 days.
Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada ?
Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada ?

Reasons behind the decline and protest

  • The Canadian government is involved in two scams with Indian students.
  • One scam is issuing fake visas to Indian students.
  • The second scam involves fake universities where students study for 3-4 years only to find out in the end that the university is fake.

Canada’s response and India-Canada relations

  • Canada has been internationally bashing India and introducing India to the international market regarding the Khalistan issue.
  • However, now the Canadian government has boycotted Indian students and is requesting the return of their own diplomats from India.
  • This indicates a change in Canada’s stance due to the boycott by Indian students.
Indian Students boycotting canada
Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada

Dependence on Indian students

  • The Canadian education sector is highly dependent on Indian students.
  • If Indian students stop going to Canada to study, there is a high chance that the Canadian education sector will collapse.

Deportation of 700 Indian students and protests

  • In June 2023, the Canadian Border Services Agency issued notices to deport 700 Indian students.
  • These students had faced a previous scam involving fake college admissions.
  • The government took no action during their three years of study, and now the punishment is being imposed on the students.

Scams with fake universities

  • Another scam involves students studying for several years only to discover that the university is fake.
  • This scam is quite common in Canada, and a list of blacklisted colleges has been provided by the Canadian government.

Impact of the Khalistan issue

  • The diplomatic ties between India and Canada have become very bad due to Canada’s involvement with the Khalistan issue.
  • The history and demands of the Khalistan movement have strained relations between the two countries.
Indian Students boycotting canada
Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada


  • The boycott of Indian students in Canada is a result of the decline in visa applications, scams targeting Indian students, and strained India-Canada relations due to the Khalistan issue.
  • The Canadian education sector’s dependence on Indian students adds significance to their boycott.

Canadian Colleges Scam

  • Indian students can get stuck in a scam where colleges in Canada give fees to India-based visa agents who take a 10-15% commission and target students to convince them to take admission in these colleges.
  • Visa agents may convince students to take the admission but later the students find out that the colleges don’t complete the course and declare bankruptcy in the middle of it.
  • Students’ education is then disrupted and the money they had earned is wasted.
Indian Students boycotting canada
Indian Students Are Suddenly Boycotting Canada

Scams Impact on Indian Students

  • Many Indian students have had no idea that they were being scammed until it happened to them.
  • Due to the increased occurrence of scams, many Indian students are not choosing Canada as their study destination.

Canadian-Indian Diplomatic Relations

  • Diplomatic relations between Canada and India have become strained due to issues related to Khalistan.
  • The Indian government has issued a tribal advisory asking Indians to avoid going to Canada and for Indian students already in Canada to take care of their safety.
  • The diplomatic relations between the two countries are at their worst phase.

Importance of Indian Students to Canada

  • Canada’s education sector heavily depends on international students, with 76% of income coming from them.
  • Indian students contribute significantly to the education sector, with 4 out of 10 international students being Indian.
  • If Indian students stop going to Canada, it could have a drastic impact on the entire education sector, potentially leading to its collapse.

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