Khalistan and punjabi singers , why they are always connected , 1 worst propaganda .

[ Khalistan and punjabi singers ] AP Dhillon, B Praak, Afsana Khan and Shubh, all these Indian singers have some link with Khalistan, today we will know all these links in detail, what do these singers get from Khalistan Terror Organization and what do those Khalistan Organization get from these singers?

Khalistan and punjabi singers
Khalistan and punjabi singers , Khalistan and punjabi singers

Khalistani propaganda

Indrapal Moga’s Daku song is trending all over India today, but Indians do not know that this song is completely supporting Khalistan separatism. Some of the initial lyrics of the song are ”ni mai daku 1 number da and meri 1 jeep ke badle main 2 le lunga ”. Do you know whose statement this line of the song is? Friends, let us tell you that this line is of Khalistan Separatist General Singh Bhindranwala.

In fact, in this song, a speech of Bhindranwale has also been played in which he is clearly seen saying from the stage that I am a number one dacoit And I will definitely take two instead of my one jeep parked in the police station.

I don’t think there is a need to tell you about the trend of listening to Punjabi songs in India because today almost every child in India listens to Punjabi songs with great interest and considers the singers of these songs as their idols.

Khalistan and punjabi singers
Khalistan and punjabi singers , Khalistan and punjabi singers ,Khalistan and punjabi singers

Problem with songs [Khalistan and punjabi singers]

The problem is not in listening to Punjabi songs, listen to Punjabi songs because songs are meant to be heard but the problem is that while listening and singing some Punjabi songs, Indian children are knowingly or unknowingly supporting separatism. These Punjabi songs are the same songs which have the Khalistan agenda embedded in them.

Friends, the most surprising thing is that when we tried to go deeper into this matter, we came to know that these songs have nothing to do with Khalistan separation, rather they are being used solely to carry out illegal activities. Many immoral activities are also being done under the shadow of Khalistan separatism.

Khalistan is a disguise

It is noteworthy that many of Khalistan organizations, all of them in the name of Khalistan separatism, are deceiving the public and doing their wrong deeds like selling drugs etc. These people are just fulfilling their own personal motives.

In these cases, the people of Punjab are suffering a lot of loss due to unethical activities because today we know , That most of the youth of Punjab are also trapped in the trap of drugs and the work of getting all these youth trapped in drugs has been completely done by Khalistan Separate Organization.

Khalistan and punjabi singers
Khalistan and punjabi singers , Khalistan and punjabi singers

Now because Khalistan Organization does not have money to carry out its illegal activities, hence they will have to collect money from somewhere, for this they have found a simple way to sell drugs and arms illegally.

Now because Khalistanis also need a market to sell drugs, then what can be a bigger market than India? Just think for yourself that if only by selling drugs and illegal weapons in Punjab, Khalistanis can earn so much money.
So you guess what will be the situation of India if this happens all over India. The only issue of Khalistan organizations is to divert India from the main issue by any means and carry out all their wrong deeds under the guise of this.

Problem for INDIA

Khalistan and punjabi singers
Khalistan and punjabi singers , Khalistan and punjabi singers , Khalistan and punjabi singers

But think for yourself that where you have to sell a product and then earn money, but on the other hand you have to provide some facility. If you want to earn more money, then you will quickly choose the thing of convenience. Khalistan organization is doing exactly the same because they know that the government is gradually tightening the reins against drugs and a time may come when selling drugs to them will stop. Or it may become very less, that is why this Khalistan organization is hiring some singers who can earn money by singing songs and doing shows in India and then the Khalistan organization can use that money for its work.

Role of punjabi singers

Now if we talk about Punjabi singers, here too we find two types of singers, one of whom openly supports the Khalistan agenda and the other who secretly supports the Khalistan agenda. They support but do not let this matter come out and want to spread anarchy among the public by making their statements against some policies of the government.

Khalistan and punjabi singers
Khalistan and punjabi singers , Khalistan and punjabi singers , Khalistan and punjabi singers

Now, when Khalistan organizations are not satisfied with just this, they make someone a Khalistan leader and send him to Punjab. And their only objective is to spread this message among the people of Punjab by any means, to inculcate in their minds that there should be a separate country for the Sikh community.
But we are not saying that the public agrees with them because even today almost 99% of the Sikh community loves India very much and they do not want to get any other country, they are very happy in India.

But one thing is certain that all the Punjabi singers are not like this but most of them are such who always try to bring down India in some way or the other at some time or the other. And want to show that Punjab and Kashmir are not a part of India at all.

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