Star Ocean 2 r : This is All You Must Know About The Best Game of The Decade ‘Star Ocean 2’

What is star ocean 2 second story r ?

star ocean 2

What is ‘star ocean 2’ or you can say ‘star ocean the second story r’ game which is played in playstation or nintendo. This game is the next part of its original version the ‘star ocean second evolution’ which was earlier released in 2008 for play station portable and play station vita.

star ocean 2

This game is based on a young man named C. Kenny who is a cadet of space organization agency of earth and is stranded on another planet which is not yet developed. There he get some other companions and they starts fighting with the enemies or the evil organization to make their plot free from them.

Game Story

The game tells us story about Kenni Claude, son of Ronyx J. Kenni and Rena lanford who is a young girl living on the planet expel. Claude been alloted in the Earth federation and he got his first mission under the supervision of his father. His first mission is to survey the planet Milocinia where mysterious energy fields appear and Claude has to find out a device from that field. When he finds the device then he examines it and teleports to other planet known as Expel.

star ocean 2

Latest News

This game the star ocean second story r is released on 2 november 2023 globally and can be played on your Play station, nintendo switch or even on your PC Windows). This game is one of the world famous game which is loved by gamers around the world.

star ocean 2

This game can be now played on your PC also with some changes in graphics and animation. This game is actually based on manga ( it is a graphic or cartoon story comics in Japan which originally originates from Japan) and Anime (hand drawn and computer generated comics of Japan).

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