Have you ever heard about Illuminati? You must have heard about Illuminati at some point or the other. It is said that this is a group which is very powerful and has the power to do anything in any corner of the world. These big- Big businessmen control the governments and they work on their instructions.

Blackrock , Blackrock

What is blackrock?

There are many debates going on about the Illuminati. Some people believe that it really exists, while some people say that it is just a conspiracy theory. It does not exist in real life, but a company definitely exists among us in this world which is controlling everyone from big businessmen to the government and even you.

Neither is this company a part of any conspiracy nor of any lie. We all are using many such products in our daily life which directly or indirectly are making you the consumer of this company and this company is so powerful that one of its moves has the power to change world events. It also controls the media such as print media, news channels and social media. We are talking about the world’s largest asset management company.

Whose name is Black Rock and its founder is Larry Fink , Black Rock You might have never heard this name before and the reason for this is that they themselves do not want people to know about them because this company is responsible for its work and decisions.

The unknown company

It likes to remain very private regarding this so that she can avoid people’s criticism on her wrong decisions. The name of Black Rock company started coming in public in July 2023 when news came that JP Morgan and Black Rock were the reason for war in Ukraine. Banks are now setting up for reconstruction due to the losses incurred.

To better understand the importance of Black Rock, we will have to go back a little, 2008 or a bad dream. In the year 2008, the world was facing a big recession. Big insurance companies, corporate employees and businesses, bankers had gone bust because this recession had started.


When it happened from America, America’s job market and economy suffered a lot due to this and in India too, within just four months, more than 6 lakh people lost their jobs. Due to this recession in 2008, the economy of the world suffered a lot. There was a loss of 2 trillion dollars in 2008. The world went through a serious recession.

The great recession

Big businesses and bankers had gone bankrupt. This was the world’s biggest financial crisis and it is called The Great Recession. Big companies had become bankrupt in it. Now how did this come about, who was behind it, and what is this recession? What can we learn? Experts were worried about this loss due to recession, but on the other hand, during the recession, there is a jump of 23% in the net income of this company.

Blackrock At that time, the pay situation was so bad that all the American banking institutions and American government countries. BlackRock founder seeks solution from Larry Fink to get out of recession. Now Larry Fink gave the solution but only he and his company BlackRock benefited the most from it.

Well, after some time, after the recession subsided, the world economy. Slowly it starts coming on track and Black becomes such a big company that whatever products you use in your real life directly or indirectly makes you a consumer of BlackRock and there are chances that it benefits BlackRock itself. BlackRock mostly manages the assets of the company.


Role of blackrock

Now whether you buy a packet of bread or a packet of noodles, you buy, BlackRock is either a big investment partner in all these platforms and companies or manages their assets today. He is in the office suite of BlackRock and this company manages an amount of about 10 trillion dollars i.e. BlackRock is three times the GDP of India and 50 times the GDP of America.

BlackRock also manages 517 large equity funds around the world, which include policy funds of the Indian Government and RBI as well as funds from major banks, insurance companies and corporates, and this huge operation network makes BlackRock.

The most powerful company in the world, but how did one company become so powerful and influential that it is itself managing 50 percent of the world’s largest economy and it probably has a huge influence on all the companies that exist? To know more, let us look at the history of Larry Fink and Black Rock.

Founders of blackrock

You have to know that Larry Fink is the founder of Black Rock, who was born on 2 November 1952 in a GU family. Larry belonged to a very normal family. His father used to run a shoe shop and his mother was a teacher.

Let’s talk about Larry’s academics. So he did his graduation in Political Science and his post graduation in Real Estate and then job in Finance. All three career paths were completely opposite to each other but as a matter of fact, this did not create any problem for Larry Fink and his career was very good. Larry started working in an investment bank.


The performance was very good and Larry had the most important role in the investment bank which earned more than 1 billion dollars between 1976 and 1986. Larry had made a very good name in the investment market of America with his good performance.

People started seeing him as a great leader, then in the early 80’s the use of computers started increasing and people started replacing scientific calculators with computers for trading and investment, the reason being that computers were more accurate than scientific calculators. But still it is a machine which works on human command and something like this happens,

Firing of the founder

That year, he makes a small mistake with Leary’s computer due to which he calculates the interest rate incorrectly and according to this wrong calculation, when Bonn Corporation sets its policies and investments, he gets $100 in just three months. There is a loss of million dollars and Larry Fink is considered responsible for this loss.

Due to which Bonn Corporation throws him out of the company. Due to this mistake of Larry, his image gets spoiled in the market and no one is ready to work with him but now with his knowledge and his job experience, Larry is now able to do something. They start preparing to do new work and take a decision along with some of their friends.

He decides to set up his own company. He decides to start an investment firm, but for that Larry needs financial support, for which Larry goes with his idea to Steve Squarm, the founder of Black Stone Company, for funding. Steve Skwarm likes Larry’s idea to get help and gets an investment of 5 million.


Gain of popularity

Larry knew that Black Stone Group had become quite popular, that is why he wanted to keep his new business associated with Black Stone Group. He also named his company Black Stone Financial Management Limited. Larry’s plan and business were exactly his. Performs according to expectations Within just 7 years, Larry’s company starts managing assets worth more than 54 billion, but Larry Fink again got a big shock when Steve Squers Man sold his shares in his company for 240 million dollars. give

And they separate their name from their company. Steve had invested $ million in the beginning, which he converted into $ 240 million, which was a huge profit, but after some time, this decision of Steve became famous in the financial world. One of the biggest mistakes was said that after the separation of Black Stone Group, Larry changes the name of his company to Black Rock.

And in this new company, Larry Fink also started managing pension funds. Even after separation from Black Stone Group, there was no difference in the growth of Black Raw and in October 1999, Larry Fink launched the IPO of his company and Black Raw Rock gets $900 million valuation

Growth of blackrock

Behind this growth of Black Rock, Larry Fink had a very good strategy which he was using on his employees since 1987. Larry Fink used to give jobs to the best employees in Black Rock and along with the salary, he also gave them company benefits. Used to offer some shares of the company, now after having partnership in the shares, the employee used to directly benefit from the growth of the company.

Due to which the employees used to work in the company with more dedication, today this strategy handles the company directly through Meta and Microsoft-DS and where they do not operate the company directly, it works indirectly through investment and fund management. How powerful this company is can be gauged from this.


That in a country like China where YouTube cannot provide its service, BlackRock is the first company which provides its service in the real estate and fund management market in China, then today the net worth of BlackRock is 120 billion dollars and if Steve Squarm in 1994 Had Larry not separated from Fink and had he not taken out his $240 million share, that $240 million would have turned into $40 billion today.

The pandemic

Because Steve had shares of the company at Rs 35 and within 30 years the value of the company had increased from Rs 170. Now another question arises in the mind that this company did not suffer losses at times like the recession of 2008 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the companies had to travel at a loss and yet BlackRock was making very good profits, so how is their business model so sustainable?

In simple language, BlackRock works on the basis of multiple sources of income. It invests its funds in different companies. Today BlackRock is a major shareholder in companies like Meta Netflix’s, apart from this it is involved in sustainable sectors like Energy, Petroleum, Real Estate, Agriculture. He is also a big shareholder. The number of income sources for BlackRock is very high.

Basically, different continents are the source of income for them. If they suffer loss in one corner of the world, they will recover it by making profit in the other corner. And one more thing is important that Black Rock invests only after seeing the possibilities of the future. a lot of me There are countries which are in the developing stage today and their economy is quite reliable in the future, one of which is India.

Where the size of public and government funds is very large and these funds will grow a lot in the coming decades, so the market here and To target the opportunity, Black Rock has decided to enter the funds management market in collaboration with Mukesh Ambani and they have formed a joint venture in asset management. You might not have heard his name. Today, the kind of return you will get on your investments and policies depends to a great extent on this man. Today a large part of the world’s economy is running on the decisions of Black Rock and one wrong decision of theirs can also create a big problem.

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