MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism Against INDIA || Best powerful action against 1 island nation ||

MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism India has been cheated. The economy of Maldives is dependent on tourism from India. Reliable sources have revealed that some people from that country were involved in one of the biggest terrorist attacks in India. It is about 26/11. Before that, let us talk about the day of January 4, 2024.

MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism

Narendra modi’s visit to lakshdweep

On one hand, Modi ji shares this picture while resting in the middle of Lakshadweep. At the same time, an explosion occurs in Maldives, 120 kilometers away. The India vs Maldives tourism dispute that has erupted now. The Nation and Tourism Chamber has now demanded a boycott of Maldives. He is talking about boycotting Maldives.

MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism
MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism , MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism

Unethical comments of maldivian ministers

The hashtag Boycott Maldives started trending all over Twitter. After this, Maldivian Minister Mariam Shuna retweeted it and said, what a joker! Israel’s puppet Shri Narendra, a diver with a life jacket. A tweet from Maldives went viral. Which unfortunately presents an example of increasing hateful mentality towards Indians.

He said, India cannot compete with Maldives because the rooms of Indians stink. And if you look, you will find many such anti-India tweets where the people of Maldives are making fun of India. Whereas, historically, as you know, Maldives has always been pro-India. So what was that thing in this picture that shook the entire Maldives? And yes, Boycott Maldives is in trend these days.

Anti india sentiment

But do you know that anti-India sentiments in Maldives had started a few months ago? Very few people know that a few months ago, slogans like ‘India Out, Indian Army Out’ were raised on all the streets of Maldives. Even in this rally, people were making fun of our PM Modi for wearing a mask. And do you know the most amazing thing? This rally was led by their former President Abdullah Yameen himself.

Now this is shocking because Maldives is a country whose economy is running on our soil. Meaning, 28% of their GDP comes from India alone. Now the country where India sends the most tourists, I mean you can understand that if Indians completely boycott Maldives, half of their population will become completely unemployed.

Root cause of the main problem

  • India’s generosity towards the Maldives has led to a puzzling situation where the Maldives, despite its heavy dependence on India, is involved in spreading terrorism against India.
  • The reason behind this peculiar behavior is intriguing and will be explored further in the discussion. However, there is a more significant issue that remains unaddressed.
  • The undisclosed issue is of utmost importance and deserves attention, as it seems to be overshadowed by the focus on India’s relationship with the Maldives and their involvement in terrorism.
MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism
MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism , MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism , MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism

And I am sure you must be hearing this for the first time. Terrorism. Which country does this word remind you of? You must not have thought of the name of Maldives, right? But, as I said, 26-11 Mumbai attacks, in which 20 soldiers of india, 175 civilians and 26 foreigners were killed. Maldives played a big role in that attack.

And I am not saying this, their former President Nasheed is saying this. Terrorism against India is increasing in Maldives. Today the situation there is such that out of every 1500 people of Maldives, one citizen is becoming a terrorist. So despite all this, why is the Indian government tolerating Maldivian sponsored terrorism? And on the contrary, it is giving Maldives a score of 8 out of 8.

Well friends, not anymore. Now the Prime Minister of our country Modi ji has posted just one picture and the entire Maldives has lost its senses. But the Indian government has made a master plan to give a clear answer to Maldives. Which includes influential people and celebrities as well as common Indian citizens.

Anti india sentiments

So, what is the master plan of the Government of India? And how was the picture of Modi ji with a thief’s beard proved to be true? Let’s understand, So, in fact, in the last few months, ever since Muhammad Mouizzo has become the new President of Maldives, anti-India activities have increased in Maldives.

On November 17, 2023, Maldives also participated in the NSA talks of Indian Ocean countries, in which the National Security Advisors of all countries and Maldives always participate, but this time it did not happen. Participate in conversations. And, the hydrography cooperation agreement was also not renewed. And, today, the same, anti-India stance has gone a step further.

How? see for yourself. So see this tweet of a big leader of the ruling party. Abbas is directly instigating the people of Maldives to attack the Indian High Commission in Maldives. In November 2022, 14 citizens of Maldives were arrested with a huge quantity of explosives. And, do you know, where were they going to use these explosives? In its National Police, College Building, which India has built.

MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism
MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism , MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism

And, even, to blow up other Indian-made buildings in the Addu area. In fact, according to the Counter-Extremism Project, one in every 1,500 Maldivians is becoming a terrorist. Which is very worrying for India. But how did Maldives become the center of these anti-India terrorist activities? Well, you know, behind this, is one of the greatest stories of the tsunami.

Role of pakistan

Pakistan took advantage of this and started spreading terrorism in Maldives. Now, a detailed analysis of this has been given to us by a very prominent, terrorism research think tank, the Counter-Extremism Project. But, before going into details, just a minute. We all know that the current anti-India stance of Maldives is only to please China.

At the same time, China makes Maldives its slave by distributing huge loans and later trapping it in the debt trap. But, do you know how China is using this debt trap strategy against India? China is, in fact, using this strategy to position its military bases near India. Which is notoriously a string of pearls strategy.

And, this is a huge threat to India, because China has literally reached the borders of India. And due to this, India has created its own counter strategy to counter China’s strategy, which is called the Diamond Defeat Strategy. Under this strategy, india surrounded China and indian armies have been virtually deployed on the borders of China.

Tsunami of 2004

There was a terrible tsunami in Maldives in 2004. Taking advantage of this, many Pakistani and Islamic organizations entered Maldives and carried out rehabilitation and relief programs. One of them was Idara Khidmat-e-Khalq, which is the charitable organization of Lashkar-e-Taiba. This institution captured Pakistan by providing higher education in Madarsa from Maldives war onwards.

MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism
MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism , MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism

But, after reaching there, this organization started radicalizing those children. And, after that they took entry in Lashkar-e-Taiba. These Maldivians were sent by Lashkar-e-Taiba to fight in Afghanistan. Or they were sent to spread terrorism in India. Today the situation is such that Maldives has become a breeding ground for terrorist activities.

26/11 Attacks

You can understand from this that a Maldivian was also involved in the 26-11 attack. And, this is the same, the former President of Maldives, and then, in the 2008 Indian Institute of Science attack in Bengaluru, according to CEP, Ali Asham, a Maldivian citizen, was also involved. And in April 2020, seeing the increase in terrorism in Maldives, ISIS published an open letter, in which the people of Maldives were encouraged and asked to continue this terrorism against India.

Counter measures for terrorism

Now, to work on this terrorism, the Government of India, along with Maldives, has formed a Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism. But, to be honest, in our research, I found only this government’s action to counter terrorism. If you know of any other anti-terrorism action, do let us know in the comments.

Maldives knows very well that it is completely dependent on india economically. So in such a situation the Indian government can never take any strict step.

And secondly, apart from terrorism, Maldives has been extremely ungrateful towards India. And let me tell you why. it’s very interesting. You will understand how the politics of a country keeps changing according to the government. If seen now, PM Modi’s selection was just an excuse. The target of Maldives government was someone else.

Pro china sentiments

Look, right now, there is a strong, anti-India and even stronger, pro-China sentiment in the Maldives. But, how did it start? Because, Maldives has historically always been pro-India. So something like this happened. Firstly, on the eve of his anti-India campaign, he was elected as the 8th President of Maldives on November 17, 2023.

MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism
MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism , MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism

But, interestingly, as soon as the President took oath on November 17, 2023, he started ignoring his mentor Abdul Yameen. Actually, Yameen is the same person who is the real mastermind of the anti-India actions going on in Maldives. From the insult of PM Modi’s effigy to the attack on program organized at the Indian Embassy on International Yoga Day. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )

Yameen’s, India Out campaign, also made, Muizoo, the president. But, as soon as, he became the president, Muizoo, made Yameen, out. Now, about, Muizoo’s, opportunistic behavior, Abdul Yameen’s, lawyer, and close aide, are saying, that, from the day, Muizoo, took the oath, from that day, he stopped, picking up, Yameen’s phone. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )

Yameen and muizoo

Now, just to let you know, Yameen, himself, is the second president, of the Maldives. But, due to corruption charges, he himself, couldn’t fight, presidential elections. And, instead of, fighting elections, he started, public support, for Muizoo, But, after winning the election, Muizoo, took over, Yameen’s, progressive party.

Looking at this, Yameen, after 12 days, of becoming, on 29th November, 2023, opened, his new party, People’s National Front. And, joined the, parliamentary elections, Now, as I told you earlier, this whole, India out campaign, on which, Muizoo became, was all, Yameen’s, brainchild. In fact, in his term, in 2011, China’s embassy, opened for the first time, in the Maldives. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )

And, fast forward, to current scenario, Yameen’s new party, People’s National Front, after opening, another, anti-India, and pro-China party, entered the market. Which, increased the competition, for Muhammad Muizoo. And, his votes, in the upcoming elections. And, that’s why, Muizoo, to prove, that I’m more anti-India, and pro-China, he started targeting, indian PM.

Muizoo has gone to China, for a huge project, for the RAS mail project. This project, is supposed to be, even bigger than, Greater Mail Connectivity Project. Which, his previous, pro-India president, had signed with India.

MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism
MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism , MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism

As I told you, by watching, PM Modi’s, relaxing, calm, Laksha Dweep videos, the Maldives, 120 km away, from there, caught fire. That too, just imagine, without saying a word, about the Maldives. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )


The thing is, on 3rd January, 2024, PM Modi, was in Laksha Dweep. There, he laid the foundation, of many essential services, worth 1200 crore rupees. And interestingly, the focus of all his speeches, was on the development, of Laksha Dweep. But, the thing to note, is that, he didn’t take the name, of the Maldives, anywhere in those speeches.

But, the Maldives’ ministers, started to get very jealous. They started, to attack, the Indian PM, and India, unprovoked. The Maldives’ minister, Abdullah Mehzoo Majid, even said, that PM Modi’s, visit to Laksha Dweep, is actually, a ploy of India. Through which, they want to undermine, the Maldives. So, what does it mean? The Prime Minister of India, has to take the permission, to go to a territory, of India? But, then what happened? ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )

Anti india statement

After the statement, of the Maldivian leaders, who were beating their own feet, the Indians, started a social media, movement, against the Maldives. In this movement, common citizens, celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, everyone, started to, get involved. Common citizens, started a trend, with the hashtag, Boycott Maldives. And you won’t believe, this hashtag, became more than, a social media trend, but, a national movement.

Reaction by indians

People, spontaneously, cancelled all their plans, to go to the Maldives. For example, a Twitter user, named Sandhya, quoted the hashtag, Boycott Maldives, on Twitter, that they cancelled, their entire vacation plan, to go to the Maldives. And you won’t believe, in this particular case, they were charged, Rs.50,000, for the cancellation charges, but, they didn’t face any problem. There’s a similar story, with Rushik Rawalji. Rushik had planned, a 3-week long trip, to the Maldives, for which, he had also, made an advance payment, of Rs. 5 lakhs. But, now, he has also, cancelled his plans. And I’m not talking about, just one or two, such incidents, here. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )

But, according to the Mint report, Indians, only last week, cancelled 8,000 hotels, for the Maldives, and only 200 flight bookings, were cancelled. And Rajiv Mehra, who is the President, of the Indian Association, of Tour Operators, he said that, the domino impact, of this boycott, is not too late, for the Maldives, but, it will only be visible, in the next 20-25 days. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )

Tourism opportunity

  •  Phuket, Thailand is the most visited island in the world due to its beautiful beaches and blue water.
  • Lakshadweep, India offers three unique qualities, including beautiful beaches. Two of its beaches, Minicoy Thundi Beach and Kadmat Beach, are certified as the world’s cleanest beaches. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )
  • Lakshadweep’s attractiveness as a tourist destination is comparable to that of Phuket, Thailand.
  • Lakshadweep, India is home to two of the world’s cleanest beaches, which are certified as blue flag beaches. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )
  • The island also boasts rich marine biodiversity, which has the potential to make it a world-renowned diving destination.
  • Proper promotion of Lakshadweep’s marine biodiversity can significantly enhance its appeal as a tourist destination. ( MALDIVES Caught Spreading Terrorism )

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