Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know || Main reason of boycotting maldives 1 ||

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know: The Maldives insulted the Indians and indians boycotted the Maldives together. This had such a huge impact on them that they immediately apologized to indians . But the justice is still not served. Because what I am going to tell you today, I am sure your perspective will change after listening to it. We have received two official reports claiming that there were going to be attacks like the 26-11 attacks in India, which were led by some Maldivian terrorists.

But fortunately, they were stopped at the right time. Apart from this, according to reports from the official intelligence bureau of India, the Maldives is becoming a new hub for an anti-India terrorist organization like Lashkar-e-Taiba. So the question is very simple. Even after apologizing , can they really trust the Maldives ?

Reality behind maldives tourism

Because of this, we don’t see the rest of the truth of that country. We think that the Maldives is just a country. It is a very liberal country where girls can safely wear bikinis, people can consume alcohol and party. But this is limited only to the resorts. As soon as you leave the resort, everything becomes almost illegal.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

Because the rest of Maldives are under Sharia law. And that is why you will find many cases where tourists went to the Maldives’ interiors by mistake and they were even arrested. But I am 101% sure that we Indians don’t know about this at all. In fact, let me ask you one more question. Do you know that the Maldives was once a Buddhist country? Yes.

From buddhism to terrorism

That is why today we are going to discuss how the transformation of terrorism from Buddhism to Maldives came about. Today, the ground reality of the Maldives is that Maldives produces more per capita terrorists than Afghanistan and Syria. More than Afghanistan and Syria. Just let that sink in. That is why we have covered in detail that in the Maldives, how is this anti-India terrorism growing? How does it operate?

Involvement in 26/11 attack

we have received two reports claiming that there were going to be 26-11 terror attacks in India twice. Some Maldivians had a big hand in planning this. But fortunately, it was stopped. Both of these reports are extremely credible. Because one is from the Maldives themselves, because this is the report of the government of maldives which was published in the Hindustan Times.

And the other is the report of the India Intelligence Bureau which was published in the Rediff. First of all, let’s look at the report of the Maldives government. In November 2013, the Maldives government shared a very vital information with the Indian security agencies. In this secret information, their government said that they have arrested 8 citizens of their own country who were going to go to India via sea route because their plan was to plan a major attack on one of the southern cities of India.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

In the background of this attack, Pakistan’s LET, i.e. Lashkar-e-Taiba was also involved. In fact, out of these 8 Maldivians , 3 of them had trained themselves to come to Pakistan. This was the attack planning of 2013 and fortunately it was stopped. Now let’s talk about the second report of the Indian Intelligence Bureau which is even more shocking.

Various intelligence reports

So in 2011, this attack of 2013 which we just discussed, just two years ago, a report of the IB was published in which they revealed that it was a major terrorist attack on India and an anti-India terror nexus was operating from Maldives.

So, according to that report, in Maldives, in 2007, a huge bomb blast took place in Sultan Pak.

Now, of course, this blast took place in Maldives, but the Indian security agencies got some clues for the first time that terrorism was being spread in India from Maldives. On which, they started investigating in detail and they got a lot of shocking facts. Now, what clues they got in that blast and what information was uncovered from the detailed investigation, what clues did our intelligence bureau get there? So when a detailed investigation was done on it, it was found that Pakistan had, already, formed several terror modules in Maldives so that they could spread terrorism in India.

Now, a module basically means small groups of active terrorists who will get all the operation orders from the Pakistan-situated headquarters. In a module, you can assume that from two to many terrorists can form a module. In such a case, at a time, multiple modules are usually operational which all work together in the same project.

Terrorism module

So that if one or two modules get busted, even if they get caught, the rest remain active and the plan, in fact, is successful. In the same IBK report, it was also found that the anti-India modules operating in Maldives were also continuously increasing in numbers. And the most dangerous thing is that these modules were ideologically very radical, but they could launch a sea-borne attack in India which is actually the most difficult for India to fight back. Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

Also, fortunately, in this IBK investigation, they found a Maldivian terrorist, Asif Ibrahim, in Kerala. Fortunately, because of him, they got a lot of insider details. And this Maldivian was caught in Kerala because it is very easy to reach Kerala from Maldives via sea route. Asif Maldives was not just a normal tourist, but he was a key operative of Lashkar-e-Taiba in Kerala.

He revealed in an interrogation that Lashkar has created a shadow outfit which is called Jamaat-e-Muslimin which is an operational bridge between Maldives and India. He was planning the operation of the operational bridge between India and Maldives. He was planning the operation of the operational bridge Asif also revealed that these activities are more common in India than in Kerala.

Because the majority of the operations that are taking place in Maldives were funded through the Hawala system from Kerala. In that report, it was also clearly mentioned that the L.E.T. wants to shift its base from Pakistan and make its new base Maldives. And to do this, they will need their terror modules based in India.

Especially, all eyes are on Tiruvannamalai, because there is already the headquarters of Jaish-e-Mohammed there. So, this was the detailed report of our Intelligence Bureau. But at this time, let me tell you the most unfortunate thing. The entire terrorism happening in Maldives can be easily stopped by India.

Worst indian visa policy

Because behind spreading this terrorism, India has a very big hand in this policy. And that policy is India’s 90 days visa-free policy. Yes, the terrorists themselves have accepted that because of this policy, we can easily enter India and no one even gets to know about it. That’s why I think the Indian government should take some action on this.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

Especially with a country like Maldives, it should be comparatively easier because this country is economically very dependent on us. Just a few days ago, we Indians united and we raised our voice against Maldives only on social media. And Maldives was heavily impacted by this. Maldives even apologized. Secondly, this problem will not end.

Influence of terrorism in maldives

It will only keep increasing until there is a solution to this. Because today, Maldives has become a nation where out of every 1500 people, one person joins ISIS. Today, extremism in Maldives has increased so much that, watch this video. This video is about the Maldives in 2022, when the Indian embassy was celebrating International Yoga Day in Maldives.

But a mob attacked that celebration by saying that Yoga is blasphemy. Today, Maldives’ situation has become such that the extremists of Maldives don’t even accept the history of their own country. In 2012, an extremist mob entered Maldives’ National Museum and stole all the artifacts of the 12th century.

No, I am not exaggerating at all. Some extremists have broken the statues of Gautam Buddha. They have turned the statues into powder. Now, tell me, is this a threat only for the Indians? Is this not a major threat for the Maldives who have nothing to do with terrorism? Tell me a simple thing, does the majority of Maldives care about terrorism? Most of the Maldives are not aware or educated about what is going on in their country.

We were not aware of it till now. That is why, I think it is very important to take action on these things. Because if you look at their history, this terrorism, this extremism, has been evolving. In fact, you will understand better how Buddhism and terrorism transitioned to Maldives. We will discuss the story behind this which is actually very interesting.

Influence of islam

So, in the 12th century, Islam replaced Buddhism in Maldives and started to take its place. Now, because Maldives was a Buddhist country, they used to practice very soft Sunni Islam in the beginning. But the journey of extremism started in the 1970s and 1980s when Saudi influence started to grow in the country.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

So, before Maldives converted to Islam, Maldives was a Buddhist kingdom for 1400 years. But in the 10th century, the arrival of Maldives by Arab traders started. These Arab traders influenced Maldives culturally and religiously. This influence was so prominent that in 1153, the Buddhist king, who was the sitting king there, accepted Islam.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

After that, he accepted a Muslim title and named himself Sultan Muhammad Al-Adil. So, in the 12th century, Maldives officially converted to Islam from Buddhism. But from then to the modern times, Maldivians used to practice very soft Islam But the turning point came after Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, who was the president of Maldives from 1978 to 2008.

Because in his tenure, the influence of Pakistan and Saudi started to grow in Maldives. After that, he started to change his policies as well. Basically, President Gayoom was born not in Maldives but in Egypt. His education was also done at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. This university is very infamous for its radical teachings.

Three major changes

President Gayoom made three major changes in the Maldivian society. First, funding started to come to the Maldives’ madrasas from Saudi Arabia. Due to this, the soft Islam practice in Maldives was removed and the concept of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia was introduced. This was also accepted by Maldives. Second, Maldivian students started to study in the madrasas of Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Both of these things started in the 70s. And finally, the third shift was the policy shift which happened in 1994 when Gayoom passed the Protection of Religious Unity Act. This act basically imposed Sunni Islam on the Maldivian people. There, religious freedom was also restricted. Not only that, after three years, in 1997, the constitution also changed and a provision was added that only Muslims can be citizens of Maldives and no other religion can be practiced in public places.

That means, before 1997, like India, Ganpati Pandal could have been practiced in public places. But after 1997, a complete ban was imposed on these practices. But actually, the situation was not that bad. In 2004, Maldives got a chance to spread radicalism like fire in 2004, when the biggest tsunami of Maldives happened.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

Radicalism in maldives

So, before 2004, by the year 1997, many radicals of Maldives who had come back to their country after studying in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt, were already trying to spread this radicalization in their country. But their plan was not that successful because for the last 30 years, Maldives’ autocratic leader was Abdul Gayoom as we discussed.

And he did not want to give this radical ideology a chance to rise. But as I said, the 2004 tsunami became a turning point for them because this tsunami left only 9 islands out of the 1190 islands of Maldives and completely drowned the rest of Maldives. Just imagine, due to this tsunami, in just 10 minutes, 62% of the country’s GDP was destroyed in a flash.

External influence

In such a situation, there was another big problem of food shortage. But for this problem, Khidmat-e-Khalq, an NGO, became a lifesaver for the people. This NGO started distributing food, emergency medicines, and other necessary things to the people. Now, this led to a soft corner for this NGO in the Maldives. But the truth of this NGO was something else.

This NGO was actually a so-called charity organization of India’s most wanted terrorist, Hafiz Saeed and Lashkar-e-Taiba. This NGO started taking a political turn after This NGO gradually started spreading its propaganda to the people. This NGO also started raising radical demands to implement Sharia law in Maldives and to ban alcohol.

In fact, in 2006, this NGO launched two political parties Jhumuri Party and Adalat Party to increase the pressure on the government of Maldives. But, as I said, there was a very strong leader Abdul Gayoom’s government who immediately removed all these demands. But, were these radicals going to sit quietly? No, right? So, to scare and threaten the politicians, in 2007, the first bomb blast in the history of Maldives was the Sultan Pak bomb blast.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

This was a major turning point because this incident pushed Maldives from extremism to terrorism. Because the thing was that the radicals of Maldives were not alone. The major hand of foreign support was in spreading radicalisation in Maldives. In fact, Abdul Gayoom himself openly accepted that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were the major hands in spreading terrorism in Maldives.

Then, in the subsequent years of the blast, the influence of these radical parties gradually increased in Maldives. After that, in 2008, Gayoom himself lost the elections and came to power. The leader of Islamic Democratic Party, Mohammad Nasheed, became the President of Maldives. But, the biggest problem was that this party was only 5 years old.

And, ideally, Maldives didn’t hold on to it. So, how did this party win? Well, because some radical parties like Adalat Party, Jhumri Party which, as we said, was a two-party NGO and Islamic Democratic Party like some small but influential extremist parties together supported this party and made Mohammad Nasheed their President.

And, in order to return the favor, Mohammad Nasheed completely put Adalat Party in the hands of a powerful Islamic Ministry. So, now you must have understood. From here, the extremist group started getting a space in the government and other political spheres. Now, as I said, it’s not like extremism is only harming India.

Maldivians are victims or not ?

In fact, the Maldivians are the major victims. If you look at the IDAC’s official report, then it might be a year when there hasn’t been a terror or extremist attack in Maldives. Maldives’ economy is completely dependent on tourism. But, if there are safety issues in the country, if terrorism spreads, then how will the economy run? How will the common people there, who are completely dependent on tourism, feed? That’s why, now I have a simple question.

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know
Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know , Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

Look, this case of terrorism is not new. This trend of boycotting Maldives in India is going on today. Tomorrow, after a year, maximum number of people will forget it and Maldives’ Indian tourism will rise again. But, in Maldives, terrorism is going on for a very long time. But, despite this, we Indians have never raised our voice against it.

In fact, the Indians who are boycotting Maldives today, are not doing it because Maldives is spreading terrorism here. Maximum people have zero idea about it. Because, as I said, we consider Maldives as a liberal, a pro-India country. Whereas, we have already seen the might of Indians. Maldives not only tweeted anti-India, but also insulted us.

The entire country, together, boycotted them. So, now tell me, earning from India’s tourism but spreading terrorism against India, is this not an insult to Indians? So, my question is very simple. Until we Indians, who are growing in Maldives, do not question this anti-India terrorism, will this issue be fixed by their government and by our government? Will this issue be fixed? Do you think this issue will be fixed?

Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know ,Hidden Truth of Maldives Everyone Must Know

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