Why bangladesh is becoming anti india || 1 Best reason you should know ||

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india , Why is Bangladesh, one of India’s biggest regional allies, now boycotting India? Yes, after Maldives, now Bangladesh is on the hashtag India out, hashtag boycott Indian products and hashtag boycott India trend. Even our Prime Minister’s prominent Bangladeshi human rights activist had recently made a joke.

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india

But here’s the funny thing, 8-10 days ago, Bangladesh’s PM Sheikh Haseena called India Bangladesh’s great friend and next door neighbor. The country’s relations with Bangladesh are very good. In fact, when Maldives made a joke about Indian PM, Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Abdul Momin openly condemned Maldives.

Connection to maldives

This is not acceptable. Are you condemning it? Of course we do. And not just this, Bangladeshi foreign ministers also always say, We believe, you see, we are very proud of India. It is because of the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. So then, in 10 days, what happened? That Bangladesh’s voice suddenly changed and they started boycotting India.

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india
Why bangladesh is becoming anti india , Why bangladesh is becoming anti india

Well, the root of this whole mess is a very deep conspiracy, which we have decoded for you so that you understand the whole matter. So watch the video till the end. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. You will be able to understand only half of the incomplete story and you will be stuck in a blame game. Let’s begin.

So, on 8th January 2024, a famous Bangladeshi Twitter handle, Revolt, shares this tweet. In this, he clearly writes that India is not Bangladesh’s friend, take India out. After this post, for the next few days, this channel keeps posting anti-India tweets. In fact, on 18th January, the hashtag Boycott Indian Products campaign also starts the same channel.

Anti india conspiracy

Now, the name of this Revolt channel is, Remember, because I will tell you how this is connected to anti-India conspiracy in just a short time. Now, as soon as this Revolt channel’s India Out campaign started, many prominent Bangladeshis also started posting similar posts and joined this campaign. And in this trend, from the colonels of Bangladesh’s army to the big human rights activists, they all joined.

And then, in just a few days, these prominent faces, seeing them joining this campaign, the common Bangladeshis also got influenced and started tweeting about India Out. And eventually, this trend started to spread in Bangladesh, just like the Maldives did. But, as I said in the beginning, the confusing thing is that, just 8-10 days ago, their PM told India that India is a great friend.

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india
Why bangladesh is becoming anti india , Why bangladesh is becoming anti india

And their foreign minister also condemned the Maldives in support of India. So, then, where did this duality come from? Well, for this, let’s understand why this India Out campaign started and why it happened. Because, on 8th January, 2024, Sheikh Haseena became the PM of Bangladesh for the 4th term. After which, the opposition party accused him of rigging the elections with the help of India.

Indian interference in bangladeshi election

Meaning, he took India’s help in the election and made a blunder, and because of this, he became the PM. To refute this, the opposition party of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, started the hashtag India Out campaign. After which, according to a news report, Pinaki Bhattacharya, who is Bangladesh’s human rights activist, and most importantly, the biggest supporter of BNP, she made this boycott India trend even more viral on Twitter.

Now friends, the story doesn’t end here, but it starts from here. Behind this campaign, is the hand of some very powerful anti-India forces. By the way, do you know that this campaign is not from Bangladesh, but from London? And it was run by the opposition party BNP’s chairman, Tariq Rehman. According to the investigation report of the Eurasian Times, as soon as Sheikh Haseena won the election of Bangladesh on 8th Jan, 2024, Tariq gave this order to his party members, that they should start the India Out campaign just like the Maldives.

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india
Why bangladesh is becoming anti india , Why bangladesh is becoming anti india

Now, as soon as he gave this order, BNP Cyber Wing became active, and they started publishing anti-India tweets. Now, do you remember I told you in the beginning, about this page, Revolt? So, if we talk about this page, according to Russian News Sputnik, this Twitter handle is not Revolt, but it is the mouthpiece of NDP.

Boycott india trend

And according to this news report, on the orders of Tariq, this page started the India Out, Boycott India trend. Now, do you know why Tariq hates India so much? Well, the answer to this is hidden in his family lineage. Tariq is the son of Major General Ziaur Rehman, who was in top position in the Pakistani army, and the first military dictator of Bangladesh.

In fact, in 1965, he also fought a war against India, for which the Pakistan government gave him a medal and honored him. And that’s why, he has a hatred for India in his heart from the beginning. So, in 1978, Ziaur made the Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP. And you know what? This party has a history.

This party has always been in power, and has murdered the opposition party members to come into power. In fact, according to the Bangladesh news report in 1975, Ziaur Rehman had murdered the father of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. And after murdering him, Ziaur became the military dictator of Bangladesh.

Hatred against india

Now, because Ziaur hated India a lot, and Sheikh Mujibur considered India his biggest ally, that’s why, as soon as Ziaur came into power, he started spreading the anti-India narrative. And in the people, he started adding Islamic radical mindset. For this radicalization, first of all, he amended the constitution.

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india
Why bangladesh is becoming anti india , Why bangladesh is becoming anti india

And where before, the Bangladeshi citizens were called Bengalis, he changed it, and introduced the Bangladeshi term. And in his tenure, Bangladesh, which used to be a secular country, became an Islamic republic. And after this, as you can imagine, in his term, the Bangladeshi Hindus were suppressed a lot. And now, you’ll be shocked to know, that till now, the BNP party, has come into power three times, in 1991, 1996, and 2001.

But, in all three elections, there is a common pattern. One year before the elections, the BNP has always had an anti-Hindu protest in Bangladesh. And by doing so, they have won three elections. Among which, the anti-Hindu massacre of 2001, was quite heart-wrenching. According to the report of Sunday Guardian, in 2001, the leaders of the BNP, or Rahman’s wife, Khalida Begum, and her BNP party workers, had a 150-day contract, to carry out a continuous Hindu massacre.

And when the inquiry commission of this massacre published a report, it was found that in those 150 days, in total, there were 18,000 anti-Hindu incidents. In which, unfortunately, 1,000 Hindu women were raped, and 200 women were gang-raped. And around 50,000 Hindus had left Bangladesh, and fled to India. This is so unfortunate.

Political agenda or ?

But, by using such anti-India and anti-Hindu sentiments, the BNP, is brainwashing the Bangladeshi Muslims, and is coming to their side, with their votes. Now, here, you have noticed something strange. This Tariq Rahman, is the chairman of the BNP party. Even then, he lives in London. And from there, he also manages the party.

Has this question come to your mind, that why is this happening? Well, there are some very concerning reasons behind this. So, as I said, the BNP party won the last election in 2001. And since then, Sheikh Haseena ji, has been winning the elections there. This is because, Sheikh Haseena ji, has been taking Bangladesh into politics, instead of radicalising it like Pakistan, has been taking Bangladesh on the path of development.

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india
Why bangladesh is becoming anti india , Why bangladesh is becoming anti india

And because of this, clear improvements have been seen in the Bangladeshi economy. And because of this approach of Sheikh Haseena ji, the popularity of the BNP, has started to decrease. Looking at this decline in popularity, in 2004, Tariq planned an assassination attack on Haseena ji. Something happened, on 21st August 2004, Sheikh Haseena ji, in a city of Bangladesh, was giving a speech on anti-terrorism.

Then, Tariq and his 19 friends, threw hand grenades at Haseena. In this attack, Haseena ji got injured, and she lost partial hearing. But she managed to escape from this attack. But unfortunately, 24 people of her party were killed in this attack. And approximately, 500 people were badly injured. For this terrorist attack, Dhaka court gave the verdict that, Tariq, along with Harqat ul-Jihad al-Islami, this terrorist organisation, had planned this entire terrorist attack.

And Tariq was the mastermind of this attack. And for this crime, the court gave Tariq a life imprisonment sentence. As soon as this sentence was declared, Tariq fled to London. In fact, after this terrorist attack, US court declared Bangladesh Nationalist Party, as a terrorist organisation. But, since then, Tariq has been controlling the party from London.

Anti india stance

And now, recently, anti-India protests are taking place. And in Bangladesh general elections, allegations of India being involved, are also part of this strategy. But, you know what? It doesn’t stop over there. According to reports of Bangladesh news media, Tariq is just a face. The conspiracy to spread this entire anti-India narrative, goes even deeper.

Behind this anti-India campaign, at the very root, is the involvement of Pakistan. Which wants to make Bangladesh East Pakistan again. So, according to the report of renowned Bangladesh news agency, Daily Sun, Tariq is running a BNP party on the prescription of Pakistani secret agency ISI. According to this report, whenever Tariq has to take any political or party related decisions, he calls ISI, and takes a decision after consulting them.

Why bangladesh is becoming anti india
Why bangladesh is becoming anti india , Why bangladesh is becoming anti india

Giving proof of this, Daily Sun said that, in 2019 Bangladesh elections, BNP party had directly given tickets to ISI preferred 300 candidates. Can you believe this? Directly, ISI chooses their candidates. So, basically, Pakistan has the advantage in this whole conspiracy, that by supporting BNP, Pakistan wants to install its puppet government in Bangladesh.

Which will have two big benefits for Pakistan. First, its lost territory in 1971, will be virtually under its control again. And second, it will be able to spread continuous insurgencies in the Northeast of India easily. In fact, when I was in BNP power in 2001, according to a prominent Bangladeshi news report, Tariq, Assam-based United Liberation Front of Assam, Ulfa, used to support the insurgent group by providing financial and arms on the orders of ISI.

Connection to Terrorism

In short, Tariq was spreading terrorism throughout India. So, this was the entire story of the India Out campaign run by the Bangladesh opposition party. Did you know about this? Do let me know in the comments. Basically, I wanted to communicate this message through this video, so that we can clearly understand, how important it is for our country’s national security, to have a friendly government in our neighborhood countries.

And my personal opinion is, if we have to be involved in the election procedure of those countries for our national security, then also, there is nothing wrong in it. In fact, this is what our Kautilya, also known as Chanakya ji, said in the Arthashastra book, thousands of years ago. So, what is your opinion on this?

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