Why Are Indian Students Getting K*lled In America? 3 major and powerful reasons

Why Are Indian Students Getting K*lled In America?

Why Are Indian Students Getting K*lled In America? : 23rd January 2023, Jhanvi, an Indian student dies in the US. The reason for her death? While crossing the road, a full speed police car collided with her. But instead of complaining about the accident, as soon as the officer found out that Jhanvi is Indian, he started laughing. 29th October 2023, a 23-year-old Varun was killed by an American gym partner with a knife.

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The reason? He thought Varun looked weird. 17th January 2023, 22-year-old Nidhi, and 23-year-old Neel Acharya were suddenly missing. In a police investigation, Varun’s body was found at his college where he used to go to study. And these are not just a few cases. If we talk about this year, you will find many incidents of targeted killing of Indians in the US.

Who is dying?

So why are Indian students suddenly dying in the US? Well, everyone is telling the reason for this. Racial discrimination. In fact, US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also said that he himself has faced racial discrimination. And according to him, racism is manufactured in the USA.

Which has now reached such a level that even the Indian children going to school are facing racism. No! No! No! No! Today, in the USA, every two of them have discrimination against one Indian. And in fact, it is so prevalent that recently, they have also tried to kill our Mahatma Gandhi statue. Destroyed and handcrafted statue of Mahatma Gandhi with a sledgehammer at a Hindu temple in New York.

Racial discrimination of Indian Students In America?

But, you know what? Actually, these deaths are not just racial discrimination. The reality of this discrimination and its actual root cause is something else. And this is exactly what we are going to discuss in today’s video. Today, we will discuss why there is an extreme level of hate crimes against Indians in the US.

How can a simple flaw in the US system create such a huge problem nationwide? And what is the solution to this problem? If you are facing racism, what should you do? Today, we Indians are the largest diaspora in the US. Every year, 90,000 to 100,000 Indians go to the US. Every year. And the way we adjust there, we adopt their culture. Just like that, Americans are also mixed with Indians.

indian students
indian students , indian students , indian students

In fact, many Americans also climb up our culture and celebrate it. One of the major reasons being, the USA benefits a lot from Indian talent. And I am not saying this, Elon Musk himself tweeted this. Google, Microsoft, Alphabet, Adobe, there are so many such American giants who are being led by Indians.

Silicon valley

Silicon Valley is the world’s largest startup hub in the US. And reports say that more than 50% of startups there, which are valued at $1 billion or higher, were founded by immigrants. Of which, we Indians are the largest number. In fact, we Indians are job creators in the US economy.

And if you see, the Indian tech industry alone, has given jobs to 2,07,000 Americans. Apart from being job creators, if Indians are in the service sector, they are also in very high-skilled jobs. In fact, the H-1B visa is there so that Americans can attract the best talent from India to their country. So that they can get a job visa in the USA. The US government is increasing the percentage of H-1B visas for Indians every year.

You can see in this graph, from 2015 to 2020, this number was increasing. In fact, according to a survey, not just the USA, but also globally, many Western countries are fighting for Indian immigrants today. Especially the UK. And of course, many Indian students also prefer to study in the UK. But the problem is, to go there, you must have a bank account.

indian students
indian students , indian students , indian students

Indians in US politics

If we look at Indians in politics, in the administration of current US President Biden, 130 Indian Americans are in top positions. And they have always appreciated Indians. Indian of descent Americans are taking over the country. You, my Vice President, my speechwriter, when I, I tell you what, but thank you, you guys are incredible. Bharat and America, are best friends.

But then my question is, then why this same leader, against Indians, gives such statements? We will follow two simple rules. Buy American and hire American. Why did he even bring the anti-India bill and the immigration bill against Indian companies? Well, according to our research, we found some reasons which are just symptoms of this problem and some which are the root cause of this problem.

Let’s start with reason number one. White men’s superiority complex. It simply means, the white man is superior to other races. And its best proof is this research paper from Harvard University. In this, a historian, Donald Yakovle, has studied from 1800 to 1900, that is, for a whole century, 3000 US history textbooks, and proved that white men are superior, and not blacks.

Bully mindset

This mindset has been fed into the minds of Americans since childhood. That too, through school textbooks. First of all, he talked about this book, which he himself had read in 5th grade. This book is based on these two major events but on one side, where this book presents the civil war as a brave, heroic, and fighting for their rights by telling them about the white men war, on the other side, the anti-slavery movement of black men where blacks were fighting for their rights, those events were not even mentioned.

indian students
indian students , indian students , indian students

Next, he told the story of an African American writer who said that American history books taught him that Africa had no history. On the contrary, Europe saved the Africans, and they brought them to America. And he also said that in the 1920s, if an African American student would even ask a teacher about the history of black people, and why nothing was written in their textbooks, teachers would say that they have not done anything that can be added to history.

Basically, if you read this article, he shared many instances that make it clear why discrimination is so common. But now, this discrimination is increasing and the reason for this is our trigger number 2, the rise of Indian students in America. The Hindu recently quoted that the number of Indian students going to the US has increased by 35% since last year.

And because of this rise, discrimination is increasing among Indian students. For example, if 50% of 100 Indian students are being discriminated against, that means 50 people are being discriminated against, but if the student count is 100 to 1000 now, then 50% of them are being discriminated against. This is a very easy thing to see.

Economic downfall

And behind the sudden rise in discrimination, there is another reason, which is our third major trigger point, which is the economic downfall of the US. Due to this problem, mass layoffs are happening in the US companies today. But these layoffs are happening with Americans more than Indians. And this is the reason for the rise in discrimination against Indians. Let me explain this with an example. So, a company in the US, Disney Company, they fired their American employees, and put 4 Indian employees in the salary of one American.

And after this, they themselves accepted that after doing this, their company’s profit increased by 25% to 49%. And this is just one example. But you will get to see this scenario in every other company in the US. Gradually, it is becoming difficult for Americans to get a job. Their job security is getting weaker. But, we have understood what are the reasons that are triggering this issue right now.

indian students
indian students, indian students , indian students , indian students

But, if we talk about a topic like racism, then, somewhere, it is fundamentally, politically charged. Now, it is okay if it is America, we also promote Swadeshi and Made in India in India. Right? But, the problem is that when these politicians call them higher Americans, then, this message is given to people that Americans are getting jobs because of Indians.

Governmental policies

Basically, politicians want to tell their people that if you vote for us, we will get you a job by taking you from Indians. And this works too. And you won’t believe, just with this one narrative, in the 2016 election, Trump’s vote share had increased by 74%. The same was done by US Senator Ted Cruz. He also showed a similar attitude to win votes. He was supporting pro-immigration policies by 2013.

And this policy was beneficial for Indians because more Indians than this were able to go to the US and get a job. But, in 2015, for the vote bank, he directly passed the American Jobs Act of 2015 named Bill 5. With this bill, basically, anti-immigration policies would have been more strict.

But, fortunately, this bill was not passed in the parliament. So, basically, by and large, vote bank politics dictates social narrative. Which means, what the public thinks dictates that. But, in the case of the US, there is specifically one more problem. Their faulty anti-discrimination law. Look, this is Indian law. The Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955, which clearly states that those who discriminate can be in jail for up to 1-2 years.


But, on the other hand, this is the US law, which has made a law against discrimination in its own country. Discrimination is a crime there. But, the problem is that the government has not mentioned any specific punishment for this. Meaning, what will happen to the person who discriminates? How many years will he be punished? How much punishment will he have to pay? This punishment is not mentioned. These things have been left in ambiguity there.

That is, the judges decide the punishment. But, many times, those who commit hate crimes without any punishment get out of the loophole of the law. And, sometimes, there is discrimination while giving the punishment. And, the US Civil Liberties Union has accepted this. But, look, as I always say, not everything is black and white.

My purpose of making this video is not that if you are living in the US, or if you are a student who wants to go to the US, then you should be afraid. My only purpose in this video is to tell you that do not cause the darkness, light a candle. Currently, many people have gone to study in foreign countries.

indian students
indian students , indian students , indian students

So, in such a situation, they should know that if such a racial discrimination is happening with them, then what should they do? Because, many people accept it and forget it. They move forward. They do not question it. Racism was also done with Vivek Ravaswamy. But, today, he is the presidential candidate of the US. He did not let that racism become an obstacle in his life.

And, exactly because of this, if racism is happening with you, then you should know what are its solutions. What steps can you take against it? So, first of all, know your rights. You should know your rights. Discrimination about race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin is illegal under US law. Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects the rights of immigrants who go to the US for employment.

It means that there is no need to remain silent when there is discrimination. You can also follow the US legal system for which it is important to follow the second solution. Document the incident and report it. Whatever discrimination has happened with you, you should record it well and file the case after that.

Where did the incident happen? What time was it? What was the date? All these things are used as evidence So, note this very carefully. Plus, you can approach different authorities there. One, you can go to the police. If there is discrimination in the company, then you can file a complaint in the HR department.

If not, there is a separate commission in the USA to file workplace discrimination complaint. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where you can file your report

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