Avengers Secret Wars Update, Superman New Suit, Rebel Moon Part 2 and more latest news

Latest news about superhero movies

Avengers Secret Wars The entire weekend was going on as a holiday so there has been very little news as expected but still, I will give you the news so you will be completely updated , it’s a new year, enjoy a lot, let’s dive in.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Avengers Secret Wars
Avengers Secret Wars , Avengers Secret Wars

The first to come in the update is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, where till now its total world white box office collection has been 146 million dollars, which is less as per the superhero genre.

In a way, the box office collections of all the superhero movies are currently on the decline. Maybe when Deadpool 3 comes this year, some hype will be created.

What if season 2

Avengers Secret Wars
Avengers Secret Wars , Avengers Secret Wars

Then with this, season two of What If is here, yes, season two of What If has been completed, you guys can start from scratch if you want, many people were waiting for the complete series to come, only then season two of What If, those people. If you start then yes, What If Season 2 is now available on Hotstar.

All nine episodes are available, go watch and enjoy. Which was your favorite episode ? Do tell us in the comments.

Voice of kahhori in what if

By the way, yes, Marvel Studios has officially revealed that Kahori has been voiced by actress Devery Jacobs and not only this, as soon as season two is completed, the season 3 has also been announced and its announcement teaser has also been revealed. so you can search for it and see .

Hugh jackman as logan

Coming to the small but major updates, first of all Hugh Jackman shared a photo of himself in Logan’s look where his hair is being set for the character of Logan.

New Superman costume

James Gunn was recently asked when the new Superman costume will be revealed, to which he officially confirmed that when the filming of Superman Legacy starts in March, the costume will be revealed only at that time and no details will be revealed before that. coming


Maybe you remember the movie of Cars, so yes, it is related to this. Pixar has revealed that some more projects related to this universe related to Cars are currently in progress within Pixar, so let’s see what those projects are.

Joker 2

Then yes, this year many people are waiting for Joker 2, two new still images have also been released where you can see both Lady Gaga and Walk in Phoenix.

Paddington 3

A new official poster for Paddington 3 has been released.

Zack Snyder and his Rebel Moon

Avengers Secret Wars
Avengers Secret Wars , Avengers Secret Wars

These were small but major updates, now come next on Zack Snyder and his Rebel Moon, where first of all, Zack Snyder has given a statement that regarding superhero movies, he too has now developed a superhero mentality, that is, a In a way, he is tired of watching and hearing about super heroes in movies.

And after this, related to him, Christopher Nolan gave a statement that in all the superhero projects he has seen in recent times, there are elements of Zack Snyder somewhere.

Today’s directors who are making superhero movies seem to be inspired by Zack Snyder in some shot or the other. So yes, what are your thoughts on this? Do tell in the comments.

Avengers Secret Wars

Avengers Secret Wars
Avengers Secret Wars , Avengers Secret Wars

Avengers Secret Wars is being revealed in such a way that this movie has become so long, so much has been added to it that mostly it will be split into two parts.

If you remember, Avengers Infinity War and End Game was first going to come in one part, then it was announced as Infinity War Part One, Part Two, after that it was released as Infinity War and End Game.

So something similar seems to be happening with Avengers Secret Wars where earlier it seemed that it would be one movie but now it seems that mostly it will be split into two parts and released.

Because the story itself is so big that it is not possible to cover it in a movie but let’s see what happens, there is no official update yet, just some reports and rumors have come.

How would you guys like to see Avengers Secret Verse in one movie or two movies? Do share your suggestion and opinion. So, these were the updates of this week. Hope you are completely updated.

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