How Indian Soft Power Is Influencing the World , why it was hidden from 70 years.

How Indian Soft Power Is Influencing the World , why it was hidden from 70 years.

Indian Soft Power : if you’ve paid attention to India over the last few years you’ve noticed that India is being appreciated more across the world but if you’re over the age of 10 and you remember a world before dance challenges and eirly thirst traps you may remember that this is not always been the case

Indian Soft Power
Indian Soft Power , Indian Soft Power

Remember that racist cartoon showing quite a different view of India , since those times the country is showing itself to the world as the land of Space Explorers rather than just the land of snake Charmers India over the last couple of decades has significantly developed its hard power in terms of economic political and military strength this has allowed India to flex its soft power which is where India’s growing cultural influence comes in what is soft power and how is India flexing it well let’s find out:

What soft power really is

Soft power is a lot of things including influence , persuasion , reputation and the ability to get something done without force and India has been blessed with vast reserves of soft Power.

  • Yoga is already a $37 billion industry
  • Ayurveda is already A5 billion industry
  • Indian Entertainment is turning into a huge Global industry just Bollywood made $1.28 billion in 2022 if you add other Indian film Industries this number can easily quadruple
  • Meditation and mindfulness are projected to become a nearly $25 billion Market by 2030
  • In terms of sports Cricket has the potential to do for India what the English Premier League did for England.
  • Indian Premier League is already the fourth richest league in the world

India has always had this soft power potential but until just a little while ago there hasn’t been a concerted attempt to utilize it to harness it and to spread it . It’s like India has had the powers of Spider-Man but have never gotten around to using them to save New York.

Indian Soft Power
Indian Soft Power , Indian Soft Power

Identity crisis

Recently India was going through a severe identity crisis the Indian political leadership as well as the people in charge of India’s education system were hellbent on presenting Indians with a version of India which portrayed them as a defeated people who possessed nothing of value to offer the world. In fact everything valuable that India had been provided to them by Foreign Invaders.

In fact even today and until recently there are cities and public places that are named after brutal foreign Invaders places like feroz shah kotla Stadium , aurangjeb Road , alahabad , bakhtiyarpur . the history textbooks have only showcased Indian history as a series of Indians losing battle after battle is that it is not a history at all .

it is really the history of foreign Invaders when you read Indian history it is a long lesson of battles that the Indians lost and it’s about the three battles of panipat it’s about the Battle of plasi. But you never read anything about the battle that the Indians won through spilling a lot of blood and we won quite a lot of times and that is why we continue to exist , because it was not as if those who invaded us did not try to forcibly change and dominat us .

Our historians have told us that

  • India has only been enriched by Foreign Invaders
  • Mughals made India Rich
  • Mughals enriched Indian arts they gave us the Taj Mahal they gave us beautiful gardens
  • Even Samosa and biryani are claimed as dishes handed over to us by the mughals
Indian Soft Power
Indian Soft Power , Indian Soft Power

Hidden triumphs of indian kings

it is a very narrow view of India , overshadowing India’s triumphs and achievements.

  • The Valor of India’s rajput Kings
  • The Strategic might of the marathas
  • The refusal of the ahom Kings
  • How the southern kingdoms preserved Indian culture language and Heritage while it was being destroyed in Northern India.

The unrelenting Thousand-Year war of independence fought by Indians across the length and breadth of the country and the crazy thing is is that this identity crisis was forcibly put into the heads of Indians by indiain political leadership.

Where it all started

Starting from the very first prime minister of India who made an avowed Islam maulana Abul Kalam azad the first education Minister of India, molana azad asked Indian Muslims to fight to preserve the Islamic caliphate .

Indian Soft Power
Indian Soft Power , Indian Soft Power , Indian Soft Power
”if a thorn gets stuck in a Turk soul in the battlefield of War then I swear by the god of Islam no muslim of India can be a Muslim until he feels that prick in his heart Instead of Soul ”

Because the millete Islam is a single body he even criticized liberal Muslims who did not side with him in support of the caliphate calling the maafin or Hypocrites and saying that the time had come to discriminate between faith and non-belief.

How political parties supported it

Things didn’t get any better with nehru successor Indira Gandhi who made an devout communist nurul Hassan the education Minister of India
These leftist historians essentially had a monopoly on what was taught to generations of Indian students the jawahar lal nehru University or the jnu was the brainchild of prime minister Indira Gandhi and Hassan

Role of some universities

JNU was meant to produce and train the core of a committed bureaucracy who were to be loyal to the ideals of the left , the institution took a sharp left turn thanks to the curricular and faculty carefully chosen by Hassen from his pool of pro communist teachers.

Over the years many of the faculty posts were held by the left or liberal academics in fact their power was so big that they started interfering in major Indian civilizational issues like ram mandir and many others.

Indian Soft Power
Indian Soft Power , Indian Soft Power

The revival

Thankfully slowly over the past decade and a half, things started to change , India recovered on three fronts , the political front, the economic front , and as a result of that the cultural front with the Advent of the government there has been a political environment.

where India’s civilizational Revival has started from the top down and the bottom up simultaneously the environment has been created to redevelop India’s soft power and to finally start spreading it across the world.

How did that happen

Well let’s look at the three aspects let’s start with economic:
The days of India being in the fragile 5 are thankfully over , the UN has reported that India will be one of the few bright spots in a world Rife with recession India has surpassed the UK to become the fifth largest economy on planet Earth and soon , it will become the third largest economy.

India’s infrastructure

India is constructing infrastructure at a break neck speed it is constructing roads right now at the pace of roughly 30 km per day moreover , India launched the jal mission to give tap water to every citizen of the country and the results are quite positive , the number has reached 13 cores today which is around 70% of all Indian households.
India is also becoming a massive manufacturer of electronics and even Apple and Samsung smartphones are starting to be manufactured in India.

Globally the Indian diaspora also is the enabler of the world’s largest remittance economy worth 100 billion dollar which is roughly half of Pakistan’s GDP and soon might even surpass Pakistan’s GDP
Just when you thought things couldn’t get more embarrassing for Pakistan , more embarrassing than selling donkeys , women and even your embassies to pay for food and electricity.

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