Putin said Israel ghaza war may spread in middle east; { 1 powerful country leader}

[ Putin said Israel ghaza war ] Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that all countries should remain alert because the war that is still going on between Israel and Hamas may increase even more in the Middle East.

Putin said Israel ghaza war
Putin said Israel ghaza war , Putin said Israel ghaza war

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, while supporting Palestine, has said that all the children, old women and common citizens are being killed in Palestine. This is absolutely wrong because the citizens of Palestine are suffering the punishment for someone else’s mistake.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that our first priority should be towards stopping the war. We should first ensure that this bloodshed that is happening can be stopped by any means. Russia has supported Palestine since the beginning and it is not a new thing that if Russia again speaks in support of Palestine but it seems to be another question mark whether Russia is justifying the actions done by Hamas.

Russia’s stand in this war [Putin said Israel ghaza war]

Putin said Israel ghaza war
Putin said Israel ghaza war , Putin said Israel ghaza war , Putin said Israel ghaza war

Russia, which has been fighting a war with its neighboring country Ukraine since last year, believes that if this war between Israel and Hamas is not stopped as soon as possible; So its impact can also be felt in the Middle East and this war can spread further. Vladimir Putin has also said that as far as war is concerned, it seems that some countries want more and more countries to join this war.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin paid tribute to all the killed Israeli civilians, including elderly children and service personnel.And also said that Russia will always support the two-state solution, which will enable both Israel and Palestine to get their rights and peace will be restored in the Middle East.

Russia also said that under no circumstances should ordinary citizens be punished for the mistakes of others and if this happens then it is an inhuman act.

Putin said Israel ghaza war
Putin said Israel ghaza war , Putin said Israel ghaza war

Ground attack by israel on ghaza

It is noteworthy that on Wednesday night itself, Israel had started a ground level war in Gaza and all the Israeli soldiers had entered the Gaza Strip and started selectively killing the Hamas terrorists.
But somewhere in the air strikes being carried out by Israel, civilians are also being killed, but it cannot be ignored that the war was started by Hamas but civilians are also suffering its punishment.

It is even being said from the Russian side that some unknown people want to drag other countries into this war so that this war can last longer and humanity can be destroyed, but all the countries will have to see whether it is in their interest or not. It is also being said from the Russian side that if this war drags on, it could have very dire consequences and it could also be that after the war there will be only dead bodies and no place to bury them.

Putin said Israel ghaza war
Putin said Israel ghaza war , Putin said Israel ghaza war

Russian prediction about war

Russia has told another terrible outcome of this war. It has said that if this war does not stop now then it is possible that this war will spread in the entire Middle East region and The entire Middle East will have to pay a heavy price for this, Russia said that the only purpose of this war was to spread anarchy and to fulfill its own interests. This war has also been done with the purpose of spreading hatred among ourselves, but the thing to be noted is that this condemnable act can also be linked to nationalism. It has been and is being considered as a freedom struggle by Palestine.

It has been said in the United Nations that ”We Need to Call for Ceasefire and We Cannot condemn the action of Only One Side” As far as Israel is concerned, Israel has refused both a ceasefire and a humanitarian pause .

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