How PAID Paparazzis are Making People Famous Celebrities Overnight 1 ?

How PAID Paparazzis are Making People Celebrities Overnight?

PAID Paparazzis Have you ever wondered that some people who become famous in the media and on the internet overnight, what do they do that they get so much fame and so much success in such a short time?
There are some people about whom no one knows even remotely, they also become an overnight sensation and people start liking them a lot. But what is the secret behind it, what is the dark truth behind it, we all could never know.

PAID Paparazzis
PAID Paparazzis , PAID Paparazzis

All this happens because of some people whom we call paparazzi today. It is the job of all these paparazzi to keep an eye on where a celebrity is going, what work he is doing, what kind of clothes he is wearing or what his daily routine is.
And as soon as he sees a celebrity whom the public likes a lot, he starts publishing some of his photos and videos, which he later sells to other news agencies or to some page and earns a good amount of money.

At the same time, there are some celebrities who, in order to become so famous overnight, give separate money to some paparazzi so that the paparazzi can take their photos and send them here and there and then that celebrity can become very viral.

At the same time, there are celebrities themselves who do such things just to remain in the news.
And it is found not only in foreign countries but also in India in large numbers. According to a report, this work also helps in meeting the daily expenses of many people.

What is the work of Rakee Sawant, Urfi Javed and the latest Orry?

  • Open your Instagram to see thousands of videos of them on your feed.
  • Their pictures are on your phone.
  • They bring it on their phone because a lot of celebrities pay up to 50,000 to click each of their pictures.
  • India’s fake paparazzi culture is responsible for their sudden rise in popularity.
PAID Paparazzis
PAID Paparazzis , PAID Paparazzis

How the culture of paparazzi started in India

  • The culture of paparazzi in India began around the time when a picture of Aishwarya and Abhishek’s car went viral.
  • Varendra Chawla, a former paparazzi with a large Instagram following, took this picture and gained high demand.
  • The trend started for paparazzi to be the first to release pictures of celebrity weddings or the first look of an actor’s movie.
  • As the money started increasing in this field, some paparazzi also started setting up their own companies.

The work of paparazzi and the importance of speed

  • Paparazzi have to work quickly, as the value of a picture diminishes if it is released late.
  • They use their mobile phones, data cards, and card readers to quickly transfer pictures to their bosses through WhatsApp.
  • The bosses, who are usually media channels or newspaper agencies, then forward the pictures to their clients.

The division of paparazzi teams and their knowledge of celebrities’ routines

  • Paparazzi teams are often divided based on different areas, such as Bandra, Juhu, and the airport.
  • Paparazzi have to remember the cars, favorite spots, homes, and routines of celebrities.
  • They gather information on when celebrities go to the gym, when their children go to school, etc.
PAID Paparazzis
PAID Paparazzis , PAID Paparazzis

The pressure, risk, and continuous work of paparazzi

  • Paparazzi work 24×7, and they do not have weekends or holidays.
  • They face immense pressure to capture perfect snapshots in crowded and risky situations.
  • There is constant chasing of celebrities’ cars at high speeds, exposing themselves to potential accidents or injury.

Controversy and conflict within the paparazzi industry

  • Some celebrities do not want their private lives to be affected by the paparazzi.
  • There have been conflicts between paparazzi and celebrities when their boundaries are crossed.
  • In some cases, paparazzi agencies have boycotted certain celebrities who mistreated them.

Paparazzi and the Demand of Viewers

  • Paid paparazzi play a crucial role in fulfilling the demands of viewers.
  • They capture activities and photos of celebrities to satisfy the demand of their audience.
  • Controversies surrounding celebrities are particularly sought-after by viewers.
  • All this is part of a well-crafted PR strategy.
PAID Paparazzis
PAID Paparazzis , PAID Paparazzis

The Power of Negative PR

  • Both positive and negative PR strategies are effective in grabbing attention.
  • Celebrities often make controversial statements or engage in peculiar actions as part of their PR strategy.
  • Negative PR is still PR, and it serves the purpose of generating buzz and interest.

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