Marvel drops jonathan majors after domestic assault conviction 1

Jonathan majors domestic voilence conviction

It was reported that Jonathan Majors, who played the role of Kang in Marvel, has been accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend.

Jonathan majors

Jonathan majors

Because of which he was fighting anyway and had to face a lot of problems. After fighting the case for many days and many problems, today the court’s decision has come in which the court found Jonathan Major guilty of domestic violence. Is

And ever since the news of Jonathan Major being guilty of domestic violence spread in the media, people were also speculating that Jonathan Major might be dropped from his Kang role by the MCU.

But shortly after posting the article, news came from Marvel that Jonathan Major has been removed from the role of Kang but still no changes have been made for Avengers 5.

As we know that Avengers 5 is going to be Kang’s movie but after removing Jonathan Major from the role of Kang, Marvel has hinted that in place of Jonathan Major, he can cast someone else in the role of Kang.

Jonathan majors

Best and loved performance in loki season 2

Kang did a great job in the recently released season 2 of Loki, due to which people were very eager to see Jonathan Major in the role of Gang in the remaining Avengers movies.

But ever since he was accused of domestic violence, there was speculation that if these allegations against him were proved then he would be fired by Marvel and that is exactly what happened.

Performance in ant man : quantumania

If we talk about the acting of Jonathan Majors, he also did very good acting in Ant Man Quantum Mania, although it is a different matter that this Ant Man movie did not work.

But we have to praise the acting of Jonathan Major. After playing the role of Kang in this movie, Jonathan Major became the favorite of the audience and people wanted to see him in the role of Kang in the upcoming Marvel movies.

jonathan majors

Jonathan majors removal from the role of kang

Ever since this news came out, Marvel representatives were also discussing this a lot, after which they have decided that Jonathan Major will be removed from the role of Kang.

And it is possible that someone else may be casted in the role of Kang because Marvel’s plans regarding Avengers 5 are not changing at all. They seriously want this movie to be made whether Jonathan Majors plays the role of Kang or someone else.

jonathan majors

It is completely clear that the Avengers 5 film, which is going to be titled Avengers The King Dynasty, is probably not going to be released before 2025. But Marvel still has a lot of time to either recast Jonathan Majors’ role as Kang or go with another villain.

Recast for the role of kang in MCU

The film can also be delayed but there has been no news from Marvel that they want to delay the film.

Although Marvel has only confirmed the removal of Jonathan Majors, it has not been confirmed yet whether they will recast the role of Jonathan Majors or make the movie with another villain.

But the audience wants to see Jonathan Major in the role of Kang. Because the public has liked Jonathan Majors very much in the role of Kang. What will happen in the future is not confirmed because now it all depends on Marvel what they wants to do.

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