Test Tube Baby in the ancient india , 1 best example of ancient technology

Test Tube Baby

Test tube baby is a concept on which today’s science is still doing research and no one has got any major success. But still all the scientists are engaged in making this thing possible so that children can be born in other ways instead of the normal way.

Scientific achievement

But till now scientists have not achieved any major achievement. But this is not so in Hindu religion. If we keep aside today’s science for a moment, then there was an incident in history which was called the first incident of test tube babies.

Test Tube Baby
Test Tube Baby

Yes friends, I am talking about the Mahabharata period when there were two brothers Dhritarashtra and Pandu. Pandu got the kingdom of his father but due to not being happy with the kingdom and not having children. Pandu exiled himself to the forest with his wives Kunti and Madri and abandoned the kingdom.

Boon of kunti

When Kunti was in the forest, sage Durvasa, being pleased with her, gave her a boon that whichever god she worshiped, she would have a son and that son would be as bright and powerful as the same god.

Due to which when Kunti used this mantra, she gave birth to three sons in which Yudhishthir, Bhima and Arjun were the sons of Vayu, Yama and Indra respectively.

While on one hand all these incidents were happening, at the same time in the royal court, Dhritarashtra had also married Gandhari, the princess of Gandhar.
He wished with all his heart that he would have 100 sons so that he would never feel alone.

Test Tube Baby
Test Tube Baby

Because Dhritarashtra was blind since birth and he wanted support for himself, Gandhari also left no stone unturned to fulfill Dhritarashtra’s wish.

Boon of gandhari

Gandhari also did penance for a long time due to which sage Vyas became very happy and blessed her with having 100 sons. After receiving this boon, Gandhari became very happy. After this, Gandhari remained pregnant for a long time, but still she did not have a child, due to which Gandhari decided to open the blindfold.

Why gandhari was blindfolded?

Let us tell you that Gandhari had blindfolded her eyes because Dhritarashtra was blind and she did not want Dhritarashtra to have any kind of problem or even the slightest hesitation about anything, that is why she also blindfolded herself.

But when she did not get a child, she untied herself and upon untying the bandage, she saw that a big piece of meat had fallen in front of her, due to which she became very sad. Being sad, she started crying. Seeing his aching heart, Rishi Vyas said, don’t worry, I will definitely make some arrangement.

Test Tube Baby
Test Tube Baby

Birth of 100 kaurava’s

And Sage Vyas made him divide the big piece of meat into 100 parts and then put it inside a pot filled with ghee. After doing this, those pots were left as they were for 2 years and when the pots were opened after 2 years, Kauravas were born who were a total of 100 brothers. The eldest brother was Duryodhana.

So this was a small sample of test tube baby in the history of Sanatan Dharma but in today’s time many people will not believe this. So we would definitely like to tell them that you have not yet known anything about history. If you read in history, you will find such secrets which you have never heard of or thought of till date.

Test Tube Baby
Test Tube Baby

Just as the concept of test tube baby has become a concept of great interest to people in today’s time, similarly there are many things which people do not know.

Hidden ancient history

But that thing is very interesting and mysterious, so to know such things you have to keep searching, you have to read history, similarly today we told you about test tube baby, in this way we will tell you many more in future. We will keep telling about all the mysterious things for which there is some evidence either in our history or in our religious scriptures. Thank you.

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