Multiverse Concept in Hinduism 2 powerful vedic philosophy about infinite realities

Multiverse concept in hinduism

Multiverse concept in hinduism : Whenever we talk about space, only one thought comes to our mind that are we the only human species in this huge universe? Are there no other intelligent species in this entire universe besides us?

Are there no other intelligent species in this entire universe besides us?

While searching for answers to these questions, our scientists came to know some things like how many stars are there in our universe and how many planets are there in our universe where life can be possible.
But that is a different matter, our technology has not yet developed so much that we can visit those planets and see them, but it is estimated that there are millions of planets in the universe where evidence of some intelligent civilization living can be found.

Multiverse concept in hinduism
Multiverse concept in hinduism , Multiverse Concept in Hinduism

Mythological and religious evidences

Although it has taken a long time for science to discover all these things, but if we talk about mythology and mythological books, then there are some books in Hindu religion in which many things have been told about the universe, in which it has also been told. How there are many other universes apart from our universe and the laws of physics there may also be different. Multiverse Concept in Hinduism

If you read a book on Hinduism, you will come to know that what our science is taking a lot of time to discover in today’s time, it is facing a lot of problems, all these things were mentioned in the religious scriptures in the books of Hinduism 5000 years ago.

Yes, you will not believe it but it is really so because many things have been written about the universe and multiverse in the religious scriptures of Hindu religion. If we believe a historical story then it happens that but before coming to the story you should know about the hierachy of hindu gods.

In Hindu religion, there are three main deities called Trimurti or Trinity in which responsibilities are divided.

3 Main hindu gods

  • 1.Brahma – Brahma has the responsibility of creating the universe and he is the maintainer of the creation.
  • Shiva or Mahadev – Mahadev is called the God of Gods. He is also called the God of Destruction or Punishment.
  • Lord Vishnu – Lord Vishnu is the sustainer and protector of this world.
Multiverse concept in hinduism
Multiverse concept in hinduism , Multiverse Concept in Hinduism

Most acceptable theory about this concept.

Once Brahma, a very important god of Hindu religion, had gone to meet another trinity Vishnu, but when Vishnu’s doorman stopped Brahma, he said to go and tell Lord Vishnu that Brahma has come to meet him, then when the doorman goes and He tells Lord Vishnu that some Brahma has come to meet him, then Lord Vishnu says go and ask him which Brahma he is.

When the doorman asks this question to Brahma ji, Brahma becomes surprised. This question comes in his mind that apart from me, which Brahma has come? God knows about me, still why is he asking me such a question, then when he told the doorman to go and tell that four headed Brahma has come who is the creator of the universe.

The doorman does exactly the same and he goes and tells Lord Vishnu that four-headed Brahma has come, then Lord Vishnu says that you should honor him. Then when Brahma comes in front of Lord Vishnu, he asks him this question:

O Lord, why did you ask which Brahma has come when Brahma is the only one, see I have four faces and I create this universe, then what was the justification for your asking this question?

The shocking revealation about multiverse

Then Lord Vishnu calls many Brahmas with his Yoga Maya, who were Brahmas of different universes, some had four heads, some had eight heads, some had one lakh heads and some had crores. In this, it was required that whose The bigger the universe, the more heads it has.

Multiverse concept in hinduism
Multiverse concept in hinduism , Multiverse Concept in Hinduism

Introduction to reality

Then Lord Vishnu tells that see Brahma, apart from you, there are many universes in which many Brahmas also reside and your universe is the smallest, that is why you have only four heads and all the other Brahmas have many heads. So that’s why I asked you which Brahma has come?
Then Brahma ji understands that his is not the only universe in which life flourishes but there are many such universes where life exists and the Brahma there is more powerful than them and has more power than them.

Kagbhusundi ( divine being with head of crow )

If the we tell another story, then there is a character in it whose name is Kaag Bhusundi. Kaag Bhusundi is a human being who has the head of a crow but his torso is of a human being. It is said about him that he had the boon that He will be beyond time and space, time will have no effect on him and it is also said that Kag Bhusundi has told in his book that he has seen Ramayana 22 times and Mahabharata 11 times, which shows this. That the multiverse really exists and that the place where they saw Ramayana and Mahabharata happening is just another universe.

Hinduism about earth’s geography

It was first told in the religious texts of Hindu religion that our earth is round shaped. All the information about the earth which we get with great difficulty today was written in the religious texts of Hindu religion even 5000 years ago.

Multiverse concept in hinduism
Multiverse concept in hinduism , Multiverse Concept in Hinduism

But because there is no evidence of 5000 years ago, it is possible that this thing may have been written millions of years ago but we are aware of it today.

Friends, there are many religions and people and scientists who believe that our earth is flat and after a time the sea falls into the sky. And if we reach the other side, our boat or whatever we are sitting in will also fall and it will be over.

But you will be surprised to know that 5000 years ago, it has been written in the Hindu scriptures that the earth is round and there are so many continents or subcontinents on the earth, all the information about this has been given in the religious scriptures.

Evidence in ramayan ( most important hindu scripture )

There is a line in Ramayana in which it is said that in Jambudweep, Bharatkhand, Aryavarta, India, there is a famous city named Ayodhya. This word means the way our continent is named Asia today, at that time it was called Jambudweep and the Indian subcontinent was called Bharatkhand and the name of India was Bharatvarsha in which there was a city named Ayodhya and there Lord Shri Ram was born.

Multiverse Concept in Hinduism
Multiverse Concept in Hinduism

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