Dinosaurs were the first humans on earth ? 8 powerful reasons.

Dinosaurs were the first humans We all have been taught this in books etc. It has been told that millions of years ago, when humans did not exist on earth, giant animals ruled the earth which were named dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were very large in size, some dinosaurs were big in size and could fly as well and there were some that could live both in water and on land. In that time, dinosaurs used to rule the earth but time never stays in one place.

From the way dinosaur skeletons have been found, scientists have guessed that dinosaurs were very large and gigantic. No small animal or other species had the courage to fight or confront them. Scientists also believe that many species of dinosaurs ruled the earth at that time, some of which were flying and some could even swim in water. Scientists have also given different names to different species of dinosaurs.

Different types of dinosaurs

  • Tyrannosaurus rex were the carnivorous gigantic dinosaurs
  • Stegosauros were the three horned and vegetarian dinosaurs.
  • Velociraptors were small , agile and carnivorous dinosaurs.
  • Brachiosauros were the long massive necked herbivorous dinosaurs.
  • Triceratops were the herbivore dinosaurs and were the last to be extinct.
  • Archaeopteryx was a mixture of birds and reptiles.
Dinosaurs were the first humans
Dinosaurs were the first humans , Dinosaurs were the first humans

Extinction of dinosaurs

It doesn’t take long for time to pass and there came a time when a comet collided above the Earth due to which the energy generated and the devastation it caused led to the destruction of all species of dinosaurs.

That is, those who were ruling the earth at that time had now vanished along with their roots.
But different scientists have different opinions on the extinction of dinosaurs. Some say that the destruction of dinosaurs was caused by the comet that hit the Earth. While someone says that volcanoes had erupted on the earth due to which the gas and heat generated could not be tolerated by the dinosaurs and they died.

Various possibilities of dinosaur extinction

1. Volcanic eruptions
2. Disease and epidemics
3. Climate change
4. Evolutionary factors
Dinosaurs were the first humans

1.Volcanic eruptions

Some scientists also believe that during the time of dinosaurs, many large volcanoes had erupted.
Due to which the gases and harmful substances that were spread in the atmosphere due to the volcanic eruption led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

2.Disease and epidemics

Apart from the comet collision, the most accepted theory is that of a disease or some disaster, like Corona spread across the world in 2019. Scientists believe that a similar disease had spread in that time too, which wiped out the dinosaurs.

3.Climate change

Change in weather is also considered to be one of the reasons for the extinction of all these giant animals. It is believed that as the weather changed with time, this place became worse for dinosaurs to live, due to which dinosaurs became extinct.

4.Evolutionary factors

There is also a possibility that due to changes in the environment, they must have faced gradual decline and due to the change in habitats, competitons or evolutionary pressure , dinosaurs could not adapt themselves, due to which they became extinct.

Dinosaurs were the first humans
Dinosaurs were the first humans , Dinosaurs were the first humans

Theories about living dinosaurs

Some scientists have a different opinion, they say that the dinosaurs that used to live in water at that time are probably still alive today, but we could not see them because they are in such depths of the ocean that till now man has not been able to reach.

Yes friends, you read it right. Scientists have also said that dinosaurs living in water are still alive and they live in the depths of the sea, but till now there is no information about how true this claim is.

But despite knowing all this, we only guess that this might have happened whereas we all do not know what the reality is. We don’t even know whether there really were dinosaurs or whether the skeletons we found are telling us something else and we are understanding something else.

Dinosaurs were the first humans on earth ?

In such a situation, a question also arises that whether the human being of today looked like a dinosaur at that time, that is, whether the humans of that time were considered dinosaurs. This question sounds quite strange and weird but it is definitely a possibility.

Just as Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is considered all over the world and remains a topic of discussion, in which Darwin has explained how humans evolved from monkeys to humans.

Dinosaurs were the first humans
Dinosaurs were the first humans , Dinosaurs were the first humans

Darvin’s theory of evolution

To understand Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, it is important for you to know one thing that it has been said by Darwin that the humans we see today were not always like that. In the beginning we were monkeys or you can say chimpanzees, we were like them but gradually as time passed, we evolved and in that evolution many human species were formed.

Out of which many species became extinct due to not being able to adapt to their times. But there was one species of ours, that is, the species of Homo Sapiens, which found itself in tune with time and kept evolving with time and today we have got such a form. Darwin’s theory talks about the history of man, but the question arises that if man’s history has been like this then what will be the future.

  • Will the human body evolve further as in history?
  • Will any more organs be added to the human body?
  • Will the human body start looking different or will there be any other changes in the human body?

Just as according to Darwin’s theory, the first humans were monkeys, similarly, there is a possibility that what we call dinosaurs were the human race of that time, but what is more is that that race was completely different from today’s human race, their size was also larger, their body was also larger and their physical structure was also quite different . But question still remains the same Dinosaurs were the first humans ?

Dinosaurs were the first humans
Dinosaurs were the first humans , Dinosaurs were the first humans

Let us know whether it is possible that today’s human race was the first dinosaur.

If we believe today’s science, then it says that there is no relation between dinosaurs and humans, humans never evolved from dinosaurs. But while our science denies that humans evolved from dinosaurs, our science also tells us that it is possible. That some types of birds that we see today have evolved from dinosaurs or some are related to dinosaur species in some way.

According to today’s science, it is not at all possible that humans are descendants of dinosaurs or we consider dinosaurs to be the first humans to live on earth, but nature holds many secrets within itself and perhaps a time will come when , We could know all the secrets of nature and then we would know where we came from and how we came?

The picture we have shown below has been created with the help of an eye which shows how dinosaurs would have looked if they were humans like us. You can see in this picture that if the face is removed then the whole body looks like a human being.

Dinosaurs were the first humans
Dinosaurs were the first humans , Dinosaurs were the first humans

Can there be any similarity between dinosaurs and us or are we both completely different species?
Imagining this, see the photo above prepared by Artificial Intelligence, in which we can see that all the dinosaurs are wearing clothes like humans and their hair style is also like that of humans.

8 Big reasons why we thought of this possibility.

  • Dinosaurs also had complex communication
  • They cared about their loved ones
  • They may have displayed social behavior
  • Similarity of some skeletal structures
  • They may have evolved over time in a similar manner to humans.
  • They also lived in groups, forming a society.
  • Some dinosaurs had brains larger than their bodies.
  • They also had parental feelings and were able to understand and bear responsibility

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