Is Lauren sanchez and jeff bezos happy to marry soon ?

lauren sanchez and jeff bezos relationship

lauren sanchez and jeff bezos are in an open relationship since 2021, when their chats were leaked in media, and from that instant lauren sanchez always talk about her relationship with jeff bezos and soon they will get married.

Lauren sanchez and jeff bezos

lauren sanchez is already mother of three children from her two ex husbands. She was former anchor and a licenced pilot and mother of three children. She always post openly about her relationship with bejos frequently on instagram.

About Lauren sanchez

lauren sanchez is 53 years old and when media asked her about wedding, she said “We’re still thinking about the wedding” she continued, we don’t know what will happen next we are just engaged from past few months and lets see what comes the next.

Lauren sanchez and jeff bezos
Lauren sanchez and jeff bezos

In the earlier days lauren sanchez was an anchor of the Fox telivision show “Good Day L.A” and she was also the host of the show “So you think you can dance” and later she hosted “extra” and won Emmy award in 1999.

About Jeff Bezos

In may Jeff bezos who is 59 years old confirmed that they’ve been engaged after 4 years of relationship and she also confirmed that she will change her surname to mrs. bezos and she is quiet excited about this , She confirmed this while talking to media.

When asked about Bezos she told that “he is very enthusiastic and energetic and put efforts in their relationship. He is of funny nature which she told while continuing about him. They both spend a very good quality time together.

lauren sanchez old relations and children

Lauren Sanchez is previously married to Whitesell and that time she was known to be Lauren Sanche whitesell and she had two children Ella and Evan with ‘Whitesell’ who is executive chairman of “Endeavor” which is a entertainment and media agency.

Lauren sanchez and jeff bezos

Previously she was in relationship with former NFL player Tony Gonzalez and she share a 22 years son Nikko with Gonzalez. She said while in an interview that being a mom is very important for her and she always give time to her children. She said thait being a mom is the most important job she do.

Recently Lauren sanchez and jeff bezos shared a photo on instagram in which she wrote “Nothing better than this” and that image was with her 22 year old son Nikko and her current boyfriend Jeff Bezos.

Lauren sanchez and jeff bezos

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