World Diabetes Day 2023 : 5 Key Points To Keep You At Safe Side Of Diabetes

World Diabetes Day 2023

14 November is celebrated as world diabetes day across the world and here are the 10 points you should keep in mind to avoid diabetes in future and the patients of diabetes can also follow these points to keep them at the safer side of this disease.

World diabetes day is celebrated to make people aware of the consequences that can occur and may cause casuality in the patient. So be aware and always take care of your diabetes level properly in order to avoid any further complexity in the body.

5 golden points to remember

Here are the 5 points you must keep in mind either you are a diabetic or not :

1. Keep eyes on your blood sugar level

Always keep monitoring your blood sugar levels which can fall for a person suffering from diabetes. Keeping your eyes on the sugar level will decrease the chance of any further complication caused by this disease. One can measure their blood sugar level by glucometers available in the market.

World Diabetes Day 2023

2. Maintain your diet

Diet is the most important thing which you must keep in mind while preparing for diabetes because diet can regulate your blood sugar level if you maintain your diet which is low in sugar, salt and fat. The thing your diet must have is the fibre which a diabetic person must consume on the daily basis.

World Diabetes Day 2023

3. Exercise daily

Daily exercise can help you regulate your blood sugar level which is very necessary to protect yourself from the risky complications. Morning exercises are best for the diabetic patients because during morning a person is more fresh as compared to any other time in the whole day.

World Diabetes Day 2023

4. Weight loss

Keep montoring your weight periodically, because if you are overweight then you to follow a diet plan to loose your weight because overweight can cause more complication in a diabetic patient.

World Diabetes Day 2023

5. Monitor your feets

Diabetic patients are more prone to have injury on their feet which is non curable and amputation of toe may required to save the leg from spreading infection. One must take care to avoid any injury, cut or blisters in feet to avoid further complication.

These were the 5 key points you must keep in your mind to save you and your family from diabetes on this World Diabetes Day 2023

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