Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses ? 2 Most Accurate Reasons explained

Why do antibiotics not work against viruses ? is the most commonly asked question by the people. Here we will explain in detail about relation between antibiotics and viruses. Here we have given the reason why you shouldn’t consume antibiotics for any viral infection.

Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses

Difference between virus and bacteria

The main difference between virus and bacteria is their cell membrane and we already know that we don’t consider the viruses as a cell because they don’t have cell membrane which protects them from any foreign body.

Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses ?

Antibiotics always work on membrane of bacteria whenever we consume it. Bacterial cells are able to survive on their own but viruses are the particles which need a host in order to survive. This reason is also responsible for non working of antibiotics on viruses.

Lack of cell membrane

Antibiotics are not meant to work for viruses, they only work on bacteria. Antibiotics act on bacterial cell membrane and their replication, but viruses are not cells and they don’t have any cell membrane and this is the reason antibiotics do not work against viruses.

Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses


Sometimes using inappropriate antibiotics for treating viral infection can also lead to superbugs, which are the bacteria resistant to antibiotics. They are very hard to treat and no antibiotic is available to treat them. This is one of the reasons of death of infants, old age and females. This situation is prevantable but only when antibiotics are used in appropriate way.

Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses

You must be wondering how the healthcare professional differentiate that the infection caused is due to virus or bacteria. Healthcare professionals take blood sample to test for the presence of bacteria or virus and some infections are well known, so they usually start the treatment according to that.

Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses

What to do during viral infection

All we want to say is that your body is able to fight with these infections and you do not need any antibiotic to fight with these viral infections, you have to do only a few things like rest, staying hydrated and a good diet, your immune will see all the rest to fight with these viral infections. (Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses)

So here we have concluded Why Do Antibiotics Not Work Against Viruses To read more such health related trending news click here !

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