10 Best Self Care Tips For Mental Health

Self Care Tips For Mental Health

What is mental health ?

Mental health is condition of mental well being in which enables a person’s ability to cope with stress of life, realize their abilities and that person can learn and contribute to society. This definition is given by WHO and it is explained properly on WHO official website which you can read here.

Self Care Tips For Mental Health

In this article we have covered 10 best self care tips for mental health which are proven methods to maintain a balanced mental health :

1. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps all your muscles, bones and other body tissues active and healthy. If all your body is healthy your mental health will be automatically healthy and your brain activities will be normal without any overactivity and you will be fresh all day.

Self Care Tips For Mental Health

2. Maintaining healthy meal

Healthy meal is the very basic thing which you must follow in order to maintain your mental health. Always follow your diet which is best suited for you. maintaining healthy meal is one of the best self care tips for mental health.

Self Care Tips For Mental Health

3. Maintaining sleep cycle

Sleep cycle is a very crucial thing to maintain in order to make your mental health right. Sleep cycle ensures the healthy metabolic reactions in our body, which are very essential for our normal body functions. These functions ensures the smooth functioning of brain too.

4. Try relaxing activities

Relaxing activities ensure the fresh functioning of brain and the less brain overactivity. These mind relaxing activities make your brain fresh and non-overactive. This relaxing activities are one of the easiest self care tips for mental health.

Self Care Tips For Mental Health

5. Focus on positive approach of living

Be a positive thinker to escape from any negative thinking or approach to save your brain from any anxiety or depression. These problems create overthinking in brain which causes negative thinking but in order to get a healthy mental condition, one should practice for positive oriented approach.

6. Set your goals according to your capabilities

Goals should be set according to the abilities of a person, and setting the goal behind the capabilities can cause mental illness and it can cause depression and anxiety. This point is very important for the students who are going through their studies and competitions.

7. Stay connected to friends and family

Staying connected to your friends and family is very important thing to do when you have any stress. Talking to family and friends relaxes the mind and stops you worrying about anything. Social connection plays a very important role in maintaining mental health.

Self Care Tips For Mental Health

8. Deep breathing techniques

Deep breathing technique relaxes your whole body and helps you gain the confidence and avoid unwanted thinking of brain. This technique is also one of the best self care tips for mental health and it should be practiced by everyone.

9. Avoid overthinking

Overthinking causes increased brain activities which effects the normal functioning of the brain leading to depression and anxiety, which can be avoided by practicing positive approach and positive thinking . This can be practiced easily by staying focused to your goal and not overthinking. This is one of the most practiced

10. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important in order to carry out the normal metabolic functions of our body . Each and every cell in our body needs water to function and if there is shortage of water in any part of the body or cell, it will create stress which will indirectly affect our brain function.

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