Marijuana And Heart Disease : Relation and 2 Best Prevention

Marijuana and heart disease

In a research conducted by American Heart Association (AHA) it was found that there is a huge relationship between marijuana and heart disease, by consuming which one can get heart attack and some other cardiovascular disese.

marijuana and heart disease

Usually people talk about harmlessness of cannabis , but here we get a twist from AHA researchers that the delta-9 THC is the main psychoactive substance found in cannabis but also it gives some good effects like keeping the brain activities slow down which is used to treat people with anxiety and depression.

Research by AHA

In this research by AHA, researchers found that the person consuming marijuana daily have 34% more chances of heart attack then those who are not consuming cannabis daily. The main relation between marijuana and heart disease is this substance delta-9THC which is the main molecule for the ‘trip’ which people get after smoking marijuana.

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marijuana and heart disease

In an other research done by the same researchers it was found that people who are smoking cannabis and also have some additional disease like diabetes and blood pressure are more volunerable to this heart attack and stroke.

High risk

People with age more than 70 are at more risk of this problem because In this age, consuming marijuana can be very adverse for cardiovascular health and can lead to many heart problems including heart attack. So people in this age must avoid smoking cannabis and keep focus on their meals and diet.

marijuana and heart disease

Marijuana And Heart Disease are related by one molecule delta9-THC and here I will tell you about how to slow down or remove the effects of these substance by use of Genistein. Genistein is a substance found naturally in soybeans and it’s products like tofu and tempeh.

How to reduce the effect

This substance is very usefull in neutralizing the effects of cannabis on cardiovascular health as it slow down the effect and also protects the clinically benificial functions like sedation which is a feature of delta9-THC which is used in the treatment of person suffering from anxiety and depression.

marijuana and heart disease

This was the main conclusion of this research that any person who is consuming high cannabis is at more risk of heart attacks or other cardiovascular disease then the person who is not consuming any type tobacco or weed. (marijuana and heart disease)

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