Genistein: A Substance to Prevent The Heart Failure And Stroke Caused By Effeccts Of Marijuana, Know 3 Best Natural Sources

Researchers have found that use of Genistein by a person who is continuously smoking weed can prevent heart failures or stroke because of its property to neutralize the effect of Δ9-THC which is is main psychoactive molecule found in the cannabis.

Did Ohio Legalize Marijuana

In this news article we will tell you about the effects of Δ9-THC which is the main psychoactive substance and how it causes heart failure and stroke in any person consuming weed or cannabis. This effect can be neutralized by consuming this molecule, which is a compound of isoflavone family.

What Causes ‘Heart failure’ in marijuana ?

Δ9-THC is the main psychoactive substance causing heart failure and other heart related problems in person consuming cannabis and that is the main reason consumer of weed must worry . In a reasearch it was found that the people consuming cannabbis are at a high risk of heart failure and stroke.

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What is Genistein ?

It is a substance found in soybean isoflavone which blocks the harmful effect of Δ9-THC. This substance also preserves the clinically accepted features of Δ9-THC which is sedation. Sedation is a type of medication given to the patients of anxiety and depression to slow down the activities of brain.


This genistein is found in soybean products like soy milk, soy flour, tofu, tempeh and miso. If your diet contains a good amount of this important substance then you don’t have to worry more about the consequences of the Δ9-THC because genistein neutralizes its effect and also prevent the usefull effect of Δ9-THC.

Research by AHA (American Heart Association)

In 2023 research conducted by American Heart Association concluded two points on ‘cardiovascular effect on a person consuming cannabis daily versus a non smoker. In this research the first point was found that the person consuming weed daily will have 34% more chances of heart attacks and stroke then a person who is not consuming it, and this risk was not affected by age, sex or smoking history.

Did Ohio Legalize Marijuana

The second study concluded that the person who is smoking weed daily have some additional cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Person who have high cholestrol and high blood pressure have more adverse effect on cardiovascular health.

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