Samosa Chaat : 1 Of The Amazing Indian Recipies, Which Will Make Your Mouth Watery, Loved By All Americans !

About Samosa

Samosa chaat is one of the top most tasty Street food of India which Indians consume on the name of daily snacks. There are too many varieties of samosa but this particular samosa chaat is one of the topmost dish Indians love to eat. Here in this article we’ll read about this dish in detail and how it’s made.

samosa chaat

Samosa is a triangular crispy dish which is filled with mesh of boiled potatoes mixed with indian spices and other stuffings. The outer layer of Samosa is very crispy and yellowish colour, when you will take a bite with any of your favourite dip, you will feel the crisp with softness of potatoes.

About samosa chaat

Samosa chaat is a dish made with samosa and ‘chhola’ or ‘spicy chickpeas’. When soft chickpeas are cooked in pressure cooker with Indian spices, the dish is known as chhola. When this ‘chhola’ is mixed with samosa and some crispy bites are decorated over it with some ‘chatni’ or sweet dip and curd for the taste enhancement.

samosa chaat

After completing these, some small freshly cut onion and coriander leaves spread for seasoning and then served for taste. When you will get to eat this samosa chaat, you will feel like heaven , because of its unique and authentic taste. This recipie is from India and Indians love to eat Samosa chaat in every occasion because of it’s easy making and next level taste.

Varieties of samosa

In India samosa chaat is famous with different flavours, like chicken samosa, chinese samosa, paneer samosa, pizza samosa and veg samosa. These all are processed in the same way to make different flavoured samosa chaat. This dish is made in different flavours of filling in different parts of the India. This authentic dish is very tasty and unique flavoured.

samosa chaat

Now samosa is also available in Frozen food items for snacks, which you can purchase to make your flavour with ‘Indian spices mixed chickpeas’ and make a ‘sweet date chatni’ to mix a sweet flavour and add some extra crunchy ‘doritos’ or any other bakery item over it and have it with a cup of tea or coffee for your evening snacks which will satisfy your cravings with an unique taste which is very delicious.

How to eat samosa near you

Chinese samosa is also used to make this chaat which is another dish in which the whole procedure is same just the samosa will contain the filling of chinese noodles. It also give an unique taste, but the flavour for this chinese samosa chaat is made with some other flavours with some sauces mixed. The main thing is you can also make your own flavour of samosa chaat just by experimenting over some sauces and filling.

samosa chaat

This article was made to give information about an unique Indian taste of samosa chaat which is very famous in India and made in different styles. You can also try this dish at comfort of your home by ordering it online from any Indian cuisine restaurant nearby your home or you can also cook it and make it in your own style by watching some online videos and experimenting with some flavours.

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