5 Tips To Make Your Mashed Potatoes Super Creamy, Smooth and Fluffy

What is Mashed potatoes famous for

Mashed potatoes are very common during Thanksgiving month , and that’s why we are here with an article to make super creamy and smooth textured mashed potatoes. In the month of Thanksgiving, it is very common among the people when they make this recipe at home and enjoy it with their family and share it with others to enjoy this national festival every year. Read the full article to learn 5 magical tips to make your mashed potatoes super creamy and fluffy.

mashed potatoes

To make super creamy textured, fluffy mashed potatoes you need all the items which are needed for this dish like potatoes, seasonings, butter, cream, herbs, and some cold water. Make everything near you so that you can complete the making of this tasty dish. Below are the 5 pro tips to make your dish super tasty And textured, follow them properly to make it tastier than ever.

5 pro tips to make it super creamy

  1. Keep potatoes in cold water while cutting it into cubes

Before cutting the potatoes, make sure to keep them in cold water after peeling it. And then start cutting them in cubes to boil it properly, and keep the cubes in cold water while you cut down all the potatoes. Keeping potatoes in cold water will make the boiling easy and soft, so that we can make the smooth textured mashed potatoes. It is a pro tip to boil it after keeping it in cold water to make it super smooth.

mashed potatoes
  1. Add salt while the potatoes are in cold water

Adding a pinch of salt in cold water while keeping the potatoes for settling down in cold water is also a pro tip to make the potatoes boil faster and keep the original colour and texture. When this step is followed properly you will get a good result after boiling as compared to no salt added in water before boiling. This tip is also important to make the potatoes soft and tender.

  1. Boil till it gets tender and soft

Boil the potatoes for at least 15 to 20 minutes till the potatoes become soft and tender to mash it properly. This will help you make the mashed potatoes soft and super creamy. Keep your eyes on the potatoes and keep checking it with a fork so that you can confirm the boiling, tenderness and avoid overcooking, because overcooked mashed potatoes are not that tasty and it tastes not that good, so try to boil the potatoes till they become soft.

mashed potatoes
  1. Mash it properly with hand masher or strainer

People try many ways to mash the potatoes like hand masher, automatic masher and some free home hacks like in the strainer. Using any of these to mash the potatoes will not change the taste of your dish, so you can use any of these to make your dish.  Mash them properly so that no lump should be present in the consistency of the batter to make the dish Creamy and soft textured. The secret of the soft taste behind some of the best mashed potatoes around the world is the technique of mashing them properly.

5.Add melted hot butter in mash

Adding butter cubes is not a good idea, we suggest you, add melted butter in your mashed batter of the dish to make it soft, smooth and creamy. Adding cubes of butter will not make them mix well and the taste of butter will not be consistent throughout the dish. Buttery taste makes this dish creamy and soft in the mouth, which is the main authentic taste of mashed potatoes loved across the world.

What to do

When you follow these pro-tips to make mashed potatoes, the result you get will be unique and super creamy. Don’t forget to add some seasoning you love. Add some herbs while making the cream and add it to the potatoes in order to make them super creamy and for some additional flavours. This will truly melt your tongue and you will love the taste and flavour of these mashed potatoes.

mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are made in different styles in different parts of the world with different tastes. You can try this at your home by cooking it easily , and enjoy your Thanksgiving. This dish is very famous during Thanksgiving and many people enjoy this national festival by making this dish at their home. You can also follow the above tips to make you

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