Ceasefire in hamas israel war , 5 day halt begins , powerful countries mediating.

Ceasefire in hamas israel war A good news has emerged from the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas that both sides have agreed to a temporary ceasefire of 5 days. Ceasefire in hamas israel war

After hearing this, the whole world is celebrating this, especially in Russia, because from the very beginning, Russia was insisting that by any means, a decision should be taken in which the war would stop and the people living here would be able to live here. May the public take a sigh of relief. Ceasefire in hamas israel war

Ceasefire in hamas israel war
Ceasefire in hamas israel war

Ceasefire in hamas israel war

It is noteworthy that there has been a relief in the crisis that had come in West Asia due to this war, but it cannot be said for how long this relief will last. Ceasefire in hamas israel war
However, this decision is being welcomed all over the world because this decision will not only benefit humanity but it may also mean that the war which has stopped for 5 days may never happen again.

Russia told that after a long time we have heard some good news

Release of captives

Ceasefire in hamas israel war
Ceasefire in hamas israel war

The news is coming that the condition of the ceasefire is that in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners, the Hamas group of Gaza will release only 50 people held hostage by Israel.
Although this figure sounds very small because Israel will release 150 people, in return our country will release only 50 people.
But this decision can also be called an advantage from the humanitarian point of view because the atrocities committed by us on the Israeli hostages are not hidden from anyone.

Ceasefire motives

Israel has also said that in the midst of this ceasefire, it will also provide ration and fuel to 300 trucks to improve the condition of the people living in very bad conditions in Gaza, the main objective of which is only. And just to save humanity
Israel has said that it does not want any harm to civilians because it wants Hamas to be completely destroyed.

Ceasefire in hamas israel war
Ceasefire in hamas israel war

Israelian view on this small but big step

In a statement by Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office, it has been told that 50 women and children will be killed by Hamas in the next 4 days during which the ceasefire will remain but if the ceasefire has to be extended for 1 more day, then Hamas will have to give 10- 10 more prisoners will have to be released, although there is no confirmation yet as to how many Palestinian citizens Israel will release in exchange for these 10 prisoners.

After math of agreement succession

If this agreement is successful then it may also happen that this number of hostages released will increase in the future and gradually all the hostages will return to their homes because both Israel and Hamas have a large number of hostages. So it cannot be said that a ceasefire can be achieved by releasing only 50 or 150 captives.
If the war is stopped completely then all the hostages will have to be released whether they are captured by the society or captured by Israel.

Ceasefire in hamas israel war
Ceasefire in hamas israel war

It is worth noting that ever since this war started, all the countries around the world wanted that this war should be stopped temporarily for humanitarian aid and the people who are being displaced in Gaza and those who are living in their homes.

They found a place to live but the neighboring countries were not giving them a place to live, yet due to America’s leadership, doors have been opened from Egypt and refugees are being given shelter but not in the country but in an outlying small part of the country.

Who seems to be winner

As far as Israel is concerned, Israel has shown its strength to the world by occupying almost 40% of Gaza and has told that if Hamas does not stop, if Hamas does not make any effort to stop the war, then Israel will be completely defeated. Will capture Ganja effectively and will also wipe out Hamas

It is believed that the first phase of the agreement to release the hostages can happen on Thursday, in which Israel can release 150 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, in exchange for its 50 hostages.

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