Nepal demands hindu monarchy , worst democracy has failed in many ways 1

Nepal demands hindu monarchy back

Nepal demands hindu monarchy Even though Nepal is a very small country, the population of Hindus there is very high and till some time ago, it was ruled by a Hindu monarchy. But under some process country was also made a democratic country, due to which today the people there are facing a lot of problems because the government formed there is not able to do any work.

Role of nepali government

Nepal demands hindu monarchy
Nepal demands hindu monarchy

The public is neither understanding nor liking their way of working and the public has also said that nothing can be done by this government.
Due to this political instability going on in Nepal, all the people of Nepal have come out on the streets and are demanding Hindu monarchy back.

They say that this government has failed in doing its work, Hindus are fine but Muslims are also there keeping pace with the Hindus and saying that we want the status of Hindu nation back, we want Hindu monarchy again.

Hindu monarchy

They believe that there is only a Hindu monarchy which does not discriminate and has to learn how to live peacefully. The people of Nepal say that this democracy which has been established in Nepal simultaneously by China has completely failed and is not able to do any work properly due to which the people are facing a lot of problems.

Nepal demands hindu monarchy
Nepal demands hindu monarchy , Nepal demands hindu monarchy


It is noteworthy that 240 years old monarchy was snatched from Nepal in 2008 and democracy was established in 2008 itself.
But the public believes that ever since the monarchy was removed from Nepal and democracy was brought in, the entire system of Nepal has gone wrong and the government of Nepal has not been able to do any work and at the same time there is a lot of tension in its relations with India. Relations with india have also become quite sour.

International relation

India, where a large population of Hindus lives, nepal may face a lot of trouble if they cut their relations with india , but ignoring this, the government of Nepal has changed its policy in a different way to live with China.

Nepal demands hindu monarchy
Nepal demands hindu monarchy

Due to which the general public in Nepal has to face a lot of trouble because we all know that China’s policy has been that it invests in every country, whether small or developing.

And if that country does not return the money to it , if a country does not return the loan to China , then China acquires a right over the thing it has created and gradually it completely settles it inside the country.

Due to this policy of China, today China is indirectly establishing its rule over many countries.

People also say that ever since China dedicated democracy has come to Nepal, the government that has been formed is completely working against Hindus and in support of China.

Uniqueness of nepal

Nepal demands hindu monarchy
Nepal demands hindu monarchy

Talking about Nepal, let us also tell you that Nepal has been the only country where no other country has ever attacked and made its colony. Nepal has never been a slave of any country till date. It was established in 1765 and has remained independent since 1768.

The geographical condition of Nepal is very good because most of the parts are in the mountains and it is so beautiful that tourism is their main source of income. The people of Nepal are also very good.

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