Mashed Potatoes Recipe : 2 Super Tips To Make Creamiest and fluffy smooth textured dish

Secret behind this recipe

Mashed potatoes recipe is very easy and it’s made very commonly during Thanksgiving month , and that’s why we are here with an article to make super creamy and smooth textured mashed potatoes by our super easy recipe. In the month of Thanksgiving, it is very common among the people when they make this recipe at home and enjoy it with their family and share it with others to enjoy this national festival every year. Read the full article to learn the best recipe to make your mashed potatoes super creamy and fluffy textured.

mashed potatoes recipe

To make super creamy textured, fluffy mashed potatoes you need all the items which are needed for this dish like potatoes, seasonings, butter, milk, cream, herbs, and some cold water. Make everything near you so that you can complete the making of this tasty dish. Below is the best recipe to make your dish super tasty And textured, follow the steps properly to make it tastier than ever.

Steps to make mashed potatoes recipe

Step 1 : Choose the correct potatoes

Always choose starchy potatoes as they are high in starch they become more fluffy than other varieties of potatoes. This is the main secret behind the making of this recipe. Potatoes are the main ingredient of this recipe and choosing the right potatoes is the first step towards making a tasty mashed potatoes recipe at home with your set of taste, seasoning and herbs.

mashed potatoes recipe

Step 2 : Cut potatoes properly

Cut down the potatoes in even sizes to boil it properly. Some people love to mix the peels for the texture, but I suggest peeling off the potatoes before using them for cooking. After peeling, cut down the potatoes in an even size and put it into the cold water so that the boiling should be constant and non lumpy. Now get them ready to boil on the stove,by adding some pinch of salt to boil it properly. Avoid overcooking to maintain the consistency

Step 3 : Use potato ricer or food mill

Using potato ricer or food mill will mash the potatoes properly and make the mash consistent. This is done to avoid lumps in consistency and make the dish smooth textured. You can also use a strainer for a home hack, if you don’t have both miller or ricer in case. With the help of these you can mash the potatoes properly and keep them in any utensil to make it settle down properly for the next step.

mashed potatoes recipe

Step 4 : Warm your milk or cream

Heating the dairy product before mixing it will maintain the temperature of the mash to avoid lumps in the consistency. Maintaining the temperature of the consistency is very crucial to make a creamy and smooth textured mashed potatoes recipe. You can use milk or cream to make the dish smooth but warm them before mixing it with the potatoes.

STEP 5 : Add butter gradually while mixing

Butter is very important ingredient of this mashed potatoes recipe which makes the dish creamy and smooth. Always add butter gradually in an interval while mixing it in utensil. This will create the creaminess of the mash and you have to mix till the mixture starts becoming consistent and smooth textured. When this type of consistency is achieved, then you can add some solid butter from the top to give a warm buttery smell.

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mashed potatoes recipe

This was one of the easiest mashed potatoes recipe to make tasty mashed potatoes at your home. You can also add some seasoning into the mixture to make additional flavour. Add some herbs in the cream or milk (whatever dairy product you are using) to get another flavour and smell in your dish. This recipe is very easy and can be followed properly to make tasty mashed potatoes at your home.

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